8 Habits To Become a Manifesting machine Using The Law Of Attraction.

In general, all human are super powerful manifesting machines, but not all use this to their full potential. As humans we get 50 to 70 THOUSAND unconscious thoughts per day, of which around 70 to 80% are negative, which drains out all your power!

So it is pretty obvious that the first thing we need to do is shift to positive thinking. In most cases people give up believing in the law of attraction because their simple understanding of the LOA is that if they start thinking positive all their thoughts will come true.

The Law of attraction is magical but it does not work like a magic wand. The human brain has a natural tendency to store negative experiences in our brains to avoid similar events in the future. Right from childhood these layers of experiences, fears, mental blocks etc. have occupied the brain. You cannot expect all of it to go one fine day when you start thinking positive.

To become a manifesting machine, you need to unlearn and/or replace all that you have learned so far in your life with positivity. Which basically means you have to rewire your brain to think positive thoughts. It might sound impossible, but if you follow a systematic approach you will get this done quickly.

You have to change or implement new positive habits in order to achieve a positive thinking brain. To make it easier I am listing 8 habits here, which you can implement in your day to day life right now to start activating manifesting energy:

  1. Monitor your thoughts.

Begin by taking note of what your brain focuses on. Does your mind focus on things that are going right or things that are going wrong? When you are visualizing do you concentrate on the happiness you will get from the manifestation of your desire or are you focused on the obstacles that might come your way. Take note of this and quickly alter your thoughts towards positivity. This would sound like a lot of work initially, but once you get used to this, it will be a part of your routine and you will start seeing amazing results.

  1. Start making a fear list.

Whenever you come across any fears during your work and other things, don’t be intimidated by it, acknowledge it by putting it in the list and carry on your work. End of the week check this list and you will see almost 90 % of your fears were worthless, and you easily handled the remaining 10 % with confidence. Once you start debunking your fears in this way, the brain automatically stops warning you with such fears.

  1. Mediate at least twice a day.

Meditation is a very powerful practice and will play a key role in manifesting your dreams.  Meditation not only gives you have peaceful mind; it also helps with your focus and work with increased efficiency. An early morning mediation will energize you to carry on your daily chores, while the one at night will calm you down for a nice peaceful sleep.

  1. Train your body to breath with the stomach.

Breathing from your stomach instead of chest activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is bound to produce a sense of relaxation and satisfaction and allows us to be peaceful and clear when taking inspired action.

  1. Stretch & exercise your body.

If you do any form of exercise, it is great for your body. If not, start including it in your daily routine, you can start with walks or try something you enjoy like dancing or cycling. If you really want to reap great benefits go for 15 to 20 minutes of yoga every day. Exercise helps in relieving stress from the body and energizes your body with positive energy. Stretch your body whenever you get a chance to get rid of any pain or tension in the body.

  1. Gratitude is the right attitude

Gratitude is the best way to get into a positive vibration mode instantly. Maintain a journal and make a note of all the things that you are grateful for in your life. Can be as small as having the having a candy to eat when you crave for it.

  1. Set your dreams, goals and desires.

Keep a separate journal for your dreams and also write down how happy you would feel once you have achieved that goal. This will keep your focus on the positive side and inspire you to take action and hence achieve your goals.

  1. Visualize

After writing down your goals and desires, visualize that you have already achieved these goals and feel grateful for manifesting it. How you feel after achieving the goals raises the positivity around your desires.

I hope these helps you achieve your dreams. Do share your feedback about your practices and if I can include any more habits that would help others achieve their dreams too.

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