Success Story: Using the Law of Attraction to Get Small Things Instantly

Today’s success story shows how positivity and faith go hand in hand and can help you manifest small things that you need in life instantly.

I have always been a fan of The Secret and have actively tried to practice it in all aspects of my life. I always see it working for people who are successful and also for people who are not doing that well. I can see how the focus on positives creates more positive, and the focus on negatives creates more negative.

Today I was so surprised by how naturally the Universe helped me that it further reinforced my belief in the process.

I was visiting a local toy library for my toddler when I realized that I had forgotten my purse at home and together with it, my loan card. Luckily it was not too much of an issue at the library and I was able to borrow toys.

I did however become a little concerned as I was meeting a friend for lunch and realized that I had no money to pay. I began trying to think of options and thought it would be easiest to just borrow $20 dollars from her and do a bank transfer when I got home. I thought I should be able to have a light lunch and the $20 dollars should cover it.

Anyway, as I was early, I decided to do a bit of window shopping. Incredibly, approximately 15 minutes later while walking through the shopping strip, I looked down and had to look twice. Right in front of me on the sidewalk was a $20 note. It was just staring at me. I picked it up and could not believe my eyes. I cannot remember the last time I found money on the street. And what was so amazing was that it was exactly what I needed. Only 15 minutes earlier I was thinking of how I could get my hands on $20 and the Universe offered it to me only a few minutes later! I was blown away at the how the Universe helped me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author: Hulya M from Melbourne, Australia.
About the Author: I’m currently a stay at home mum, 8 months pregnant and I also have 14 month old.

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