Success Story: Switching From a Job You Hate to a Job You Love

I hated my old company though my job was decent. I’m sure my seniors and Manager had good heart but they were horrible, unprofessional and cheap. I was so desperate to leave but not without the new job of my liking and choice.

I was fully focused to get a wonderful job as my previous company was really sad, dull, full of jealous people, boring and full of losers and yes I was one of them. I had to get out. But you can’t be feeling miserable to attract positive things. So I tried really hard to focus and come up with a few good things about my old job and feel grateful about it. I made honest efforts.

And I also made a list of all that I wanted in my new job. It had around 10 to 12 things like salary, location, management, industry, infrastructure, team, seniors, colleagues, type of PC and OS, travel comfort, working hours and a few more. I was absolutely adamant of making no compromise on anything and had complete faith in the Universe that it had already found it and it was making a way for me and the job to find each other.

And well what can I say? Does the Universe ever disappoint you??!!!

It rather gives you more than you ask for. It really does. You just express and pen down your desire and be excited and ready to receive. So I can’t make it that surprising that I received the same described job that I jotted down a few months back. The Secret is pure magic. Seriously. I mean it’s really magic!!!!!

I feel if I would have asked for a 10 lacs job I am sure I would have got it but I would have had to believe it first. So I got everything that I asked the Universe to give me. I love going to my job. I’m working in a MNC Bank and have lovely people around me, infrastructure awesome, salary exactly the same as I wrote and 60% higher than my previous job plus additional travel reimbursement and client location allowance, professional people, flexible working hours, closer to my new home and a 5-day work week. And well, since I asked for a bank, I get bank holidays too, even though I am not working in banking operations. So there it is, every single thing I asked for, I got. Even more actually. I am just loving it.

I had forgotten about the list I wrote and found it when I was cleaning my drawer. I was laughing when I started reading it and then I got tears in my eyes. I shared it with my close friends and they were shocked to read it.

I was super miserable in my old job and had been struggling and fighting with myself to keep up every day. I am so happy now. My life is absolute bliss. I am and will be eternally grateful to Ms. Rhonda Byrne and her books. I am at peace and enjoying my life every day with my lovely husband which, btw, I found using The Secret!!! He’s super awesome too!

Author: Mansi from Mumbai, India.
About the Author: Received 2 lovely rewards by applying The Secret in different phases of life and still achieving more.

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