Success Story: Changing Life With Positive Thinking and Gratitude

Today’s story will show you how a simple shift in your attitude can change your life around. You just have to have the attitude of gratitude and think positive through your day and soon good positive things will manifest in your life. I hope this story inspires you and you are able to get the things you want to attract in your life.

I have had an amazing 2 years of attracting what I want in my life. It all started in mid-2014 when a new colleague mentioned that the challenges I was facing in my career at that time was all my fault! That jolted me! He went on to explain that by focusing on what I didn’t want and the frustrations of being stuck in a job with no career growth, meant I was creating negative vibes that tended to just keep attracting more negative! I recalled that a few years earlier I had bought, read and watched “The Secret”. That evening I searched the whole house for it and re-watched the movie as well as read the book again.

I started doing more research, video watching and reading success stories of people who practiced “The Law of Attraction” and manifested their desires. The following weekend I, together with my daughters, worked on our “Vision Boards”. It was a very exciting moment looking for photos of the things we would like to attract in lives. On it I put dollars for a dollar income, flying planes for more world travel, family love, a family home, good health and an SUV! I hung it on my dressing mirror. I also started giving gratitude every morning as I drove to work. I would say “I am Grateful for …” or “Thank you for the gift of life, thank you for the lovely weather”, “I am grateful for my lovely family” and “I am grateful for my job.”. Even though I was sometimes feeling unhappy, the fact that I had a job was enough to make me appreciate. I said a minimum of 30 things to be thankful for each morning.

Guess what?! In May 2014, I traveled to Rome for an office meeting. The following week I was scheduled to travel to Oslo for an interview and with 5 days in between a good friend invited me to Copenhagen for the weekend! Amazing and all paid for! While crossing from one country to another, thousands of feet up high, I continued with my gratitude.

By the 30th August 2014 I had a new job offer with a salary paid in dollars in a neighboring country! From then on my career has grown by leaps and bounds! From Africa to Asia to Headquarters in New York! I have visited 10 different countries since then, I had never even imagined working in the Headquarters in New York, as it is a very competitive position. Well, here I am! I travel with my family or they come and visit me in whatever corner of the world I am in. I have great health and continue manifesting and updating my vision board, or my dream board as my youngest daughter calls it!

Friends and former colleagues have asked that I share my inspiring story to motivate others, which I gladly keep doing. Others have asked I write a book, maybe someday I will.

I practice and preach positivity. No matter what circumstances I find myself in, I look for something positive and give gratitude. For example, I have worked in a war zone and while sheltering in the bunker, I would give thanks that I was able to run for cover, as I imagined and pray for those without any. No matter the situation, I look for something positive. It is hard at times, but I will keep shifting my focus to get out of a negative vibe. When my kids share the challenges they are encountering or something they don’t like, I always tell them to give thanks because someone, somewhere, is in a worse off situation and that they are lucky and can learn from what they are experiencing. It is not to celebrate the suffering in others, no. It is to get myself and those around me back to positive vibes to be able to help those less fortunate as I keep attracting positives to my life as well as those around me. Hence the nickname “queen of positivity!”

I have developed “An attitude of gratitude” which I practice daily. I thank God each and every day for what I have, what is around me and what is coming my way! Currently I am on a “30-day Gratitude Challenge” to keep me attracting and manifesting a positive life.

Utmost thankful to God for an amazing life! Thank you Rhonda for sharing The Secret!

Author: Patricia N. from Kenya.
About the Author: Married and a working mother to 3 amazing loving children, who have nicknamed me “the Queen of Positiveness”. Currently working and residing in New York.

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