The Law of Attraction Success Story: Manifesting A Job

Stuck in life and unable to find a job? This story will inspire you and will help you manifest a perfect job for you.

I just moved to Los Angeles almost 11 months ago and nothing was really going right. I went from being on my own since I was 18 to moving back in with family to following my dreams. I left all my friends and everything I knew back in the south. Nothing went right from September up until recently. I had applied to over 300 jobs. More than that and I wasn’t getting any leads. I saw a job on Indeed that I knew that I could do, and it was with the number one airline. I had been applying to this airline for 4 years and I had gotten rejected for every job. I decided to apply again this year and I got rejected 2 more times. Despite being rejected yet again, I kept trying.

In July I got an email saying to come in for testing. July 12, I took the test. It was going to take a week for me to hear back if I had passed it or not. A week went by and I did not hear anything. I immediately started to get weary. But then I said no! If I had got an email to come take a test and in the 4 years I had been applying I had gotten rejected, I knew this time that I got this job! I know I did. In order to get an interview, you had to pass the test. I woke up Monday morning and checked my email. I didn’t expect to see anything from the airline because they said they would call. However, there it was. An email saying to come in Tuesday July 26 for an interview. On July 27 I was offered the job. I just kept telling myself that I had the job. I saw myself already in uniform working.

The only glitch is that it is in a location where I really do not want to be and it is a 2-year commitment. I did put in several applications back home at the headquarters because that’s where I’d rather be.

I am so grateful nonetheless. I had been waiting almost a year for a job. I am really praying that I get the offer back home before I sign paper work here. If you’re out there wondering if The Secret really works, it does! Just keep pressing forward. Ask, believe, receive.

I cannot thank God enough and The Secret. It’s truly amazing. I can’t wait to see what else The Secret can do.

Author: C from Chicago.
About the Author: 29 year old athlete living out my dreams.

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