Success Story: Woman Recovers Completely After a Terrible Accident

Today’s story is inspiring and cements the fact that the law of attraction can do wonders. It can even help someone recover from a terrible situation.

The story is a description of how a woman recovered completely after a horrific car accident. I hope it inspires anyone going through a similar situation.

I am a traveling nurse and had been traveling from Southern Victoria to Northern Victoria, Australia, four hours away from my loved one and partner Craig, for four years. Ten days with him at the farm at Cleveland Park which is a paradise on earth! And four days in Geelong to be with my daughter and parents at my family home. Life was very busy and l was always warned by my family and friends that I would burn out as l was living two lives. A southern and a northern one! But l always thought I was a super girl and I could do this and it was a great variety in my life!

It was March 6th 2015 that fateful day that changed my life physically, mentally and spiritually!!!


I was happy and refreshed from my stop in country Bendigo for petrol, food and supplies. I remember singing to the music in the car It’s A Kind Of Magic by Queen. And the next thing I could remember was being pricked in my left arm and saying “ow!”. I became alert to my surroundings then and was told I had been in a horrific car accident and was very lucky to be alive! I was cut free from the wreck and airlifted to the Alfred Hospital to fight for my life! I had a job to do, a big one, ahead!

I could not communicate, only by sign language and my mum was a constant at my bedside. I remember feeling her pumping and squeezing my hand and l was doing it back. I honestly felt the warm, loving power of a mother’s love traveling into my arm and into my heart. My mum and daughter gave me life and this was when my daughter Rachael gave me The Power book and this saved me!

When l was transferred to Geelong private hospital my dear friend brought in The Magic book and The Secret CD. I prayed every time l had between physiotherapy and visitors! My injuries included a broken neck, C1 and 2 with rods and C3 and 4 fused together along with a stroke that affected two parts of my brain. My balance and coordination were also affected! I was told 3 things that l would either be; a head on a pillow, dead, or I would never walk again! With my belief faith and love of Rhonda’s CD’s and books l fought my way back to walk, talk and eat!

Every day I religiously started my day filled with gratefulness and The Secret CD, The Magic book, doing one chapter every day, and The Power CD.

Now I love my life. I have been in the local paper The Geelong Advertiser, Yours Magazine, Tac Road Accident film to help people, have been on channel 7 news, and I have a Daily Positive blog site! All l want to do is help people and spread The Magic word of God/the Universe!!!

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