Success Story: A Small Change, A Huge Gain

Today’s story is for those who have read the secret, applied it, but haven’t got much results and eventually forgotten it.

Do read the story and start believing in the power of the law of attraction again.

A friend introduced The Secret to me in 2012 and I became a believer instantly. But nothing manifested and before long, I forgot about the teachings of The Secret. Although I knew I had to be positive, be grateful, give thanks, give love and ask, believe and receive in order to get what I want, I was always just saying these on the surface but never really feeling it enough.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I purchased the latest book in The Secret series “How The Secret Changed My Life”. It was like a light bulb suddenly going off as I went through the different stories. I was going through a rough patch at work and not hitting my sales target. It was a stressful period. I decided there and then that I was going to put to use what the other believers had done. I declared my desires to the Universe. I replaced any negative thoughts with a positive affirmation that I was going to receive what I wanted. I did that among other new insights I learned from the book.


Just a couple of weeks ago I as facing a wall at every turn but once I changed my attitude, my life also changed! I clocked in the biggest sales in my 7 years of work, six hundred and thirty thousand Hong Kong dollars! All within five days of changing my attitude. Five days! I had been praying for a sales breakthrough before the end of November for ages but nothing happened. Even as of the middle of October I was still not anywhere near my target. But once I changed my inner feelings and thoughts, the Universe brought all I wanted to me within days. How amazing is that?

So for all people out there who believe in The Secret and have yet to receive what you want, I suggest you can start off by declaring what you want daily and with every negative thought that comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one immediately. And when you keep repeating the same positive thought, it eventually feels real to you and before you know it, you will have received it! All the best to everyone out there.

Author: MTF from Hong Kong.


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