Success Story: Getting An Iphone with the Law of Attraction

Yes, you can apply the law of attraction to manifest anything into your life. You can even get an iPhone when you even can’t afford it.

The story of Morgan will reinforce this for you.

Before I had an Android and I had seen pictures of the new iPhone and wanted it, mostly because of the amazing camera and features it consisted of.

I looked up methods to buy a new iPhone but couldn’t find any companies that could fit my budget and I even looked at old models to see if I could afford it. I began to be grateful for the phone I had and took pictures with my Android, even though the camera wasn’t the best.

One day, I was just on my phone and my dad comes in and finds out he could get another phone on his plan and there was a deal on iPhones and I got myself the one I wanted. It was delivered to me on my doorstep and even before and from the time I saw it I was extremely grateful to God.

I’d like to thank God for giving me so many blessings and giving me knowledge which includes the law of attraction. Thank you Rhonda Byrne for letting me know about the true power of positivity.

Author: Morgan N. from FL, USA.

About the Author: I’m 16 going on 17 and I believe in God that has made the universe and given me the knowledge of the Law of Attraction and worked with me to put great things in my life.


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