Success Story: Believing Made Me Run A Marathon

Taking inspiration from my husband I one day in July, I decided to run the half marathon that was due in November. Let me tell you by then I had never run even 2 kilometres in my life but I used to walk and do Pilates twice a week.

Since I am a procrastinator the months went by without me practising or starting to run. I started in October with 2 kms, as I couldn’t do more. I tried to build to 5, but it wasn’t easy as I ran only once or twice a week up until 15 Nov.

One of the days on the treadmill it dawned on me that I will not be able to run 21 kms with this kind of preparation as I had run only up to 10 kms only once by then. So I started visualising myself crossing the finish line with a timeline of 2 hours and 21 minutes. I would play this in my mind and thank the universe each time I was on the treadmill or was thinking of the marathon. I also visualised my completing certificate with my name and 2:21 hours time on it. The marathon was on 29th November and the maximum I had run till then was 12 kms but I went with full confidence and excitement, telling everyone that I would complete the race within my target time.


To everyone’s surprise I managed to complete the race without stopping and with good enough speed that my finishing time was 2:22 hours! This surprised even my husband who is a very encouraging person but he also did not think that I would do it with so little preparation.

Gratitude and visualisation helped me run and complete the marathon. Thank you Rhonda and The Secret team for making this wonderful book which is helping millions of people like me. God bless!

Author: Khushboo.

About the Author: I am a 30 year old happy woman. I enjoy living life and trying out new things. I like to set targets with my husband and enjoy achieving them. I am a freelance soft skills trainer by profession.


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