What Nobody Told You About Happiness: Saisha Srivastava

Saisha has danced since she was a little girl. In a breath of fresh air that is as inspiring as it is poetic, she talks about growing up and shares stories from teaching dance to blind and visually challenged students, and the startling secret she learnt about happiness along the way.


Saisha Srivastava is a 20-year old student at Vassar College, New York. She was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She is a dancer, formally trained in jazz and ballet. She is also the founder of 20 Days of Rain, a project aimed at spreading happiness through dance. Tying up with schools for blind and visually impaired students, she and her group of instructors hope to bring positivity into the lives of visually challenged youth, one dance workshop at a time. Pursuing her Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Chinese, Saisha has been a research associate with the Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development (CSIRD), India, and is currently interning with a financial consultancy firm in Shanghai, China.

What Nobody Told You About Happiness. | Saisha Srivastava | TEDxJaiHindCollege

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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