The Law Of Attraction Success Story: Cheri I love you

Today’s success story is truly inspiration, it shows how with faith, belief and gratitude you can manifest any unexpected thing in this Universe.

I am so blown away right now. I feel chills. I have read so many wonderful books and listened to DVDs about manifesting and intentions. I appreciate you all for sharing your knowledge and stories. My story may be a little long but it was well worth it.

I was practicing intention and manifestation one day. I wanted a sign from the universe to show me that it has my back. I gave the universe 48 hours to show me. That morning a girlfriend of mine came over with $20 for me. Which I didn’t expect. I thought cool, maybe this is my sign. So then I wanted to attract a specific intention in 48 hours. I put it out there that I wanted to hear the words “I love you” but I wanted it to be unexpected. Not from my children or a family member. Just unexpected.

The next day I took a trip to the goodwill with my kiddos. While digging through the books and CDs I found The Secret audio for only $1. I recalled a few days ago I had seen it at the book store and wanted it but didn’t have money with me, at the time it was $12. When I found it at the goodwill I automatically thought this is what the universe was to give me for my first intention. How amazing I felt.


While still looking through the books and records I spotted a Prince record. He has always been my favorite and he just died. So, it was kind of special for me. Oh how my eyes lit up. I love Prince and I knew I would find one. This too, I thought, is from the universe. I felt extremely amazing. All full of joy and goodness. Thinking the universe loves me. Well that’s not it. The universe has been so good. But it wanted to give me more.

That night in bed I watched two videos on YouTube about Prince. As I was watching these videos I closed my eyes and said out loud “Prince I don’t know where you are but you are the love of my life and I love you, I love you.”. It was coming from my heart my soul. The next video I clicked on, Prince was doing an interview and one of the hosts was named Cheri. She asked Prince to say “Cheri I Love You.” and he then said “Cheri I Love You.” Could it be that was my second intention to hear an unexpected I love you from somewhere?? Not only that but my name is Cheri. The host, her name could of been Kim or for my second intention I could have asked for lilies. But I asked the universe for someone to tell me they love me and Prince said it!! Cheri I Love You.

Even after I put my heart out there telling him I love him. I was filled with chills and tears rolled down my face. It was the most amazing thing besides birthing my children that has happen to me. I never thought in a million years I would get an “I love you” like that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all, I love you Rhonda, and thank you for all your stories. So amazing. Keep manifesting and I love you Prince, always.

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Author: Cheri from Sacramento
About the author: Mom loving the manifestation process, my family and everyone in the world.

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