The Secret Success Story: I Am So Grateful!

I could write a book about my life, just like everyone else in this world. But to keep it short I will give you my story of the last 2 years that has been a roller coaster.

My mum past away after having sever dementia, it was very difficult to see her like that. My husband of 7 years suddenly changed 5 months ago. He met this new woman who he had seen twice. Lucky I found out and gave him a choice. Now our marriage is so different and loving, it was not easy but I think this had to happen to make us both realize how we feel for each other.

My loving husband and I have 2 businesses. Two years ago our business went downhill due to the economy in the world. I had to liquidate my company and start all over again. I have never felt so stressed and wanting to give up on life. The reason for this was because both my kids work in the business and I take care of my dad financially.

My ex-husband and I are really good friends, which is important for our kids. One day he gave me the CD’s of The Secret. I would listen to it every day. I tried to use it in my life. The business started to pick up again and we were doing okay for 12 months.

The Secret Success Story I Am So Grateful!

Five months ago the business started to go downhill again. I wondered what was happening, I don’t understand.

Then it hit me! I have been listening to the CD’s but wasn’t really believing and feeling it with my heart.

So, three months ago I made a list of what I am grateful for. I would look at it every day and make myself feel the happiness of having it all. Our business has picked up. We are actually so busy I had to employ more staff!

My husband and I had not spoken to his parents for 3 years and now, guess what?

For the last 2 months we are seeing his parents and being a family again.

I always wanted a convertible car and guess what?

I received it a month ago, the exact color and car I had on my list. I have not paid the full amount yet, but the car dealer who we always deal with, said don’t worry, take your time in paying it. This is really weird and amazing.

Last night a friend asked me to come to our local club. I did not really want to go, as I was really tired. When my husband and I drove into the car park of the club, my friend rang again and screamed, hurry your name is being called, you are going to win a cruise worth $10.000! My husband ran inside and had 48 seconds left to collect the price.

Yes! We won a cruise and $3000 cash! On my list I had written that I want to go on a relaxing cruise with my husband to strengthen our marriage. I remember thinking I don’t know how, but I want to go.

This morning I woke up and cried of happiness and gratefulness. Most of all I am so grateful for my beautiful loving children, husband, family and friends in my life. I could write so much more!

If it wasn’t for The Secret I don’t know what I would have done. I really had given up on life. Thank you so much for teaching me to be grateful in life. I cannot express it enough, thank you to your team who made The Secret.

Author: Mechelina
About the Author: I lived in Holland for 25 years and moved back to the amazing country were I was born 17 years ago, Australia.

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