Losing Weight Magically With The Law of Attraction

I want to share this story to inspire everyone and myself again.

I have been obese all my life since childhood. I always wished to lose weight overnight like magic. I wished to wake up one morning and see myself in the mirror as a completely different person who is perfectly shaped, looking smart and wearing the best of clothes.

I tried everything. Gym, yoga, dieting, powders, belts, steam sauna, blah, blah, blah! I tried every single thing I could, but they never seemed to be working.

And I just did not know why.

And then one day I was watching The Secret to get good grades in my exam but it led me to the realization of my weight loss failure. I realized everything I had done did not work because those things were all external. There was no internal force, no internal motivation.

Losing Weight Magically With The Law of Attraction

And this movie gave me the motivation.

Now, I wanted to lose weight like I wanted to watch TV or sleep or eat food. I just wanted to lose weight. I simply had to lose those extra pounds. How? I did not know but, wait?! I did know!

I knew I had to be perfectly shaped. I knew that I had to wear the best of clothes, look the best, feel the best and I knew that I would do it.

And yes I did it!!

There was no gym, yoga or diet. It was just focus and motivation. Every step I took, every bite I ate, every little effort I did was towards my goal of weight loss and I lost 24kgs!

This was a journey which was difficult, as I look back today, but it was simply easy while using The Secret. I had my vision, goals, my visualization chart, the perfect weight and it all came to me as I thought.

People told me that this is magic. This is not the person we knew…but this was not magic. This was The Secret. A secret that changed my life forever.

Thanks to the team of The Secret. This is such a fantastic job you have done for all us.

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