Success Story: Winning a Lottery Thrice With Law Of Attraction

Well when you have faith in the law of attraction you can use it for anything that you believe in.

Here is a short story by Christina on how she won Lottery tickets thrice in a week.

I started my 2nd round of The Magic and today I finished the last assignment in the book; remember The Magic.

I keep a Gratitude Journal that I write in every day as it helps me to stay positive and grateful, which are two emotions that I enjoy immensely.

Last week after being extremely positive and joyful I won money on the Norwegian lottery twice! I won 200 kr or $25. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I’ve been practicing The Secret since June and money has shown up in the weirdest of ways. Some I’ve won, but people, friends and family also tend to buy me food when we’re going out! No one has ever treated me with free food as much as until recently!

I am currently working on getting myself into alignment with a more stable income. So I began to apply the principles from Ask And It Is Given by Esther Hicks. I am on day 8 of what I call “The Wallet/I Can Buy Everything I Desire” process. I write 10 things I can buy every day, just to get more positive feelings surrounding money. Everything from houses in the million dollar class, holidays or soda gets a place on my list.

Winning a Lottery Ticket With Law Of Attraction


1.) I can afford to buy a red Mini Cooper

2.) I can book a ticket to Dubai

3.) I can afford to stay in Dubai for a month.

And then I visualize myself staying at the Atlantis Palm Hotel.

It was The Secret and Ask & It Is Given that inspired me to start this particular process. So far I’ve been given a few extra days at work, won some money at the lottery and I have only just begun. Next time I’ll write my story from Dubai! Now my only job is to get myself into alignment with my desire.

Author: Cristina.
About the author: I have read The Secret 5 times, The Power 4 times and today I finished my 2nd round of The Magic.

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