Success Story: Say Yes to Life an Open All the Possibilities Around You

I had been feeling “poor me” over and over for years. I had managed to walk away from a relationship that was quite toxic, but I was blind. I thought I deserved such treatment.

I had read The Secret book, Oprah had talked about it. I purchased a copy and thought, wow! It put me in a great frame of mind. But there always seemed to be that thought in the back of my head.

Then recently, I got the DVD and I watched it over and over. I decided a vision board and guided meditation were the way for me. I started with small things on my board. Like a book that was not in print anymore, random things that would not be easy to find.

My mind was blown! When recently I looked at the board, I realized I had manifested over 80% of what’s on it so far!

Say Yes to Life an Open All the Possibilities Around You

Also, I always wanted to finish my degree but cash was a factor. Not anymore! I have paid my fees and I have started. Everyone in the course is nice, it seems easy and I am really enjoying it.

Plus, I got offered a new job! The hours work well around my college and the people working with me couldn’t be nicer. The money is great and I love the team I am in now.

I am grateful to Rhonda and everyone who brought The Secret to life. I am so grateful to god and the angels who I believe guide me every day.

I am healthier and happier than I have been in years. I am closer to my friends and family. I had pushed everyone away before, I thought I wasn’t good enough. But I do deserve love, we all do. We all deserve a good, happy, care free life.

Remember you are what you think, and what you feel is what you get. Life is to be enjoyed, open yourself up to all the possibilities that are around. I decided I was going to say yes to life rather than “Ah, I don’t know”.

Author: Mary
About the Author:32 year old woman who has gone from dreading waking up in the morning to now loving each day. Truly I am so thankful to god for all things coming together and finally opening my eyes to all the opportunities that I had once let pass by.

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