Success Story: From a Below Average Student to a Top Ranker

Do you consider yourself or your children a below average student?

Are you been mocked at by other because of your grades?

If yes, this story will surely inspire you to change the things around you.

Today’s success story will tell you how a bit of motivation and faith in yourself can turn everything around for you.

I was a below average student in my early student life. In class my colleagues teased me for my poor performance in exams. I was many times punished by my teacher in class. In every class I either failed or got promoted. My parents always thought about what I would do in my life.

This was my story until class 8th. After that I got motivated by my teacher. He changed my way of thinking. After that, I was a 4th ranker in class in 9th class, and a 1st ranker in 10th class and a 3rd in ranker in 11 class.

From a Below Average Student to a Top Ranker

After college my friend suggested I watch The Secret documentary. This added more confidence and motivation in me. After that I always thought that I am a very intelligent and smart person in education and I have a very sharp mind.

The results was that I was the only student that got selected in a government engineering college from my school. After that I was selected at National Institute of Technology or NIT. I completed my studies from NIT. After my post-graduation I got more than 13 placement offers. That is the highest achieved by any student in my batch. Presently I am professor at National Institute of Technology.

So the law of attraction works for everyone, for weak boy like me or any intelligent one. So I suggest everyone to be in the flow of law of attraction.

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