A Broke Woman Gets a Job in 3 Days With The Law of Attraction

I was laid off this summer and because I had a healthy savings account, I wasn’t in a rush to get a job. After being so busy for many years, I decided to travel and spend time with loved ones and friends. I thought I would use this as a time to relax and rejuvenate and figured I had a few months left before I had to really start looking for work.

Months passed and I saw my savings decreasing. I became nervous, filling out applications left and right, becoming so desperate to work again. This was so unlike me. I was depressed. I had spent the whole summer never thinking twice about my expenses knowing everything would be OK, and I always had more than enough money. Actually, unexpected monies or abundance seem to find me. But the moment I noticed things were getting low, everything dried up. I panicked and I was upset with myself because I knew better. Years ago, I bought The Secret book and I used it to turn my career around. Back then, I skyrocketed to the top and earned more money than I ever had, won more awards, and received recognition from family, friends, and corporate. I knew the power of The Secret.

A Broke Woman Gets a Job in 3 Days With The Law of Attraction

Fast forward: Somehow I was out of balance and I knew I had to do something other than worry. This particular day I got an email that you (Rhonda) sent out and it reminded me to use The Secret. It’s power was still real. This email was a Godsend. I immediately picked up the book again, I watched the movie over and over again, and I listened to my audiobook at bedtime and while driving. I knew I had the power to change things and I was changing.

For the first time in weeks I was happy! I caught myself driving, listening to The Secret audiobook and having a huge smile on my face! At this time, nothing in my life had changed except for my attitude. I felt happier. Though I still had no job and my bank account in the negative, I was at my happiest.

When I noticed how good I was suddenly feeling, I said thank you! In that moment, miraculously, the phone rang with an offer of a temporary work assignment. It wasn’t the work I desired nor the payscale I was accustomed to, but I was so excited! I gratefully took it. Finally. After months of applying for work, I got a job just 3 short days after re-establishing The Secret principals in my life. The more grateful I became, the more I received. But the story gets better.

Since it was a new job, I knew it would be at least 2 weeks before I would receive my 1st paycheck. My bills were overdue and eviction was looming, but I did not worry about deadlines. I woke up daily, happy to work. I just knew the bills were going to be paid, and I said thank you.

To my utter surprise, after just three days working this job, a full paycheck had been deposited into my account from my new employer! I was amazed! To top it off, that same day, I received a bonus $300 deposit from my bank for opening a new account! I totally forgot about the promotion as it was months old! All of this happened just in time to pay my rent, my rental car, and my utilities. I am so grateful!

It works when you work it, The Secret! I continue to get better at it. Next, I will attract the career of my dreams and ownership of a new vehicle. Stay tuned!

Source: http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/three-day-turnaround/

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