Using Visualization To Get What You Want

Today’s success story focuses on the power of visualization.

You always have to think of what you want, how you will feel when you get it and imagine yourself using it.

Never think of how you would get it, that’s not important. The most important thing is that you should feel the joy and gratitude for the thing you are wishing for as if it is already yours.

So here’s the law of attraction success story by Sana.

First of all I want to thank my god for everything, then I want to thank The Secret’s team because they changed my life and helped me to realize my dream.

When I was 11 years old I applied the law of attraction with my brother without even knowing: we wanted a computer but my father didn’t have the money so we drew the computer of our dreams and put it in our closet so we could see it every day. We didn’t care about how we were going to get it.

Using Visualization To Get What You Want


And guess what?

A few months later we had it!

When I got older my dream was to study engineering. I applied the law of attraction but I always had this fear of failing and I had no confidence in my potential, so I failed and I had to study in one of the worst universities here.

I didn’t give up and started all over again. Every night I imagined with details how I will tell my mother that I got into a great university to study computer science engineering.

Everything I imagined came true and I am so happy and grateful for that!!

Don’t waste your time, set your goal and start to imagine it, feel like it’s happening now and feel grateful for that. God gave us all minds with unlimited powers, if we use it we can make our life better, a life that we deserve it.

Author: Sana from Tunisia

About the Authore: A strong believer of The Secret and the unlimited power of the mind.



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