Get A Job Better Than Your Dream Job With Law Of Attraction

You try to attract a dream job but do not get it…. Has this happened to you?

Then this is the perfect story to revive your faith in the law of attraction.

Sometimes what you are asking is not the best thing for you, the Universe will always give you the best when you have faith in the Law of Attraction and have an attitude of gratitude. So hang on to your dream and stay positive, better things are on their way.

Here’s the story which will inspire you.

I was just an average person when I entered into college. The first two years of engineering were very difficult, but my family’s financial condition was great at that time, so I was never bothered about earning money on my own. I clearly knew that I had my dad on my side even if I did not do well in studies.

Get A Job Better Than Your Dream Job With Law Of Attraction

It all changed in the third year, when my dad got transferred to where I was studying. I was both happy and sad at the same time, as I realized that I could finally stay with my parents, but on the other side, I knew that we are going to face a financial crisis due to this transfer. I was forced to change my lifestyle and my thoughts about money.

I had friends who weren’t financially good, but were good at academics. They dreamed about getting their hands on good jobs and I never gave a single thought about it. But, then I realized that it is me, who can give a helping hand to my dad who was the sole source of income in our family, by utilizing studies to get a good job.

I couldn’t focus on studies and almost gave up when I realized that it’s not my cup of tea to get a good job, plus I was overweight and I couldn’t see myself drowning more and more. One fine day, I was going through a list of some books on the internet that would fill me up with some inspiration. That’s when came to know about The Secret and I bought it home.

I finished reading it and I thought, why did I even read this book when all this is just an illusion? But, that little optimistic part of my mind challenged me to believe this secret for once. I started practicing The Secret on small things that would help me to ease out my work. And yes it started working!

I started visualizing my dream company. I used to have fake interviews with my mother as well as sister and started studying more and more solely for a job in that company. Unfortunately, my dream company did not come for placements in my college for that academic year. I was totally heartbroken. Still, I managed to get a fair job and was a topper for that semester. I was happy, but deep down inside me, I knew, I was still unsatisfied.

I never stopped practicing The Secret even though I knew that my dream was shattered. I even made a Magic Check for myself which had my dream salary on it.

Many months passed and one of my classmates informed us about a job vacancy in a big firm. I hesitated initially, because I had lost a little confidence in appearing for interviews at such big companies. Apparently, my passion towards my dream company started the fire in me. I went for the interviews fearlessly and positively in the hope of getting the job which paid more than what my dream company provided.

The interviews went smoothly and I finally landed a job in that company!

I agree, I did not get my dream company, but universe had other, better plans for me!!

I finally received a check which was bigger than what I thought for myself!!

I still can’t believe I’m sharing my story here, where I had read other people’s stories about The Secret. This in itself is a miracle. Universe is indeed a real genie, it’s on you to believe it or not. Just wish for it and you’ll get it.

Thank you Rhonda Bryne for this amazing “Secret”.

About the Author: I’m an optimist and a foodie.

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