From Disaster to Miracle With the Law of Attraction

Today’s story is a perfect example of how things can change if you change your attitude.

A complete U-turn of circumstances is possible with the law of attraction.

No matter how bad your situation is The Secret and the Law of attraction can turn around things for you.

Read the story to find out how things turned around for this couple.

I married a young entrepreneur and we built a business together. The economy took a turn for the worse and my husband started drinking and hiding bills from me.

I didn’t realize how bad our financial situation was until our lights were turned off and we started receiving late notices from our Mortgage Company and creditors. My husband had always taken care of the bills while I worked at a low pay corporate job to provide our healthcare insurance. My husband started gambling to make extra money and got in deep with bookies. My husband’s drinking escalated and he became someone I didn’t know or trust anymore. I begged him to get help and go to rehab and threatened to leave him.

Prior to the fall of my husband’s business we were trying to have a baby. I had to have an emergency surgery to correct a threatening problem. It seemed like everything was falling apart: I had a surgery with a painful recovery, my best friend died suddenly, my husband’s drinking was spiraling out of control and he had to be hospitalized. We were about to lose our home, my job was being eliminated in a few months and I considered taking my own life.

From Disaster to Miracle With the Law of Attraction

My mom begged me to listen to The Secret on CD. I listened to The Secret on the way home from the hospital and I cried so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. All of a sudden I knew that everything was going to be just fine. I couldn’t wait to start my new life and live The Secret every day.

I began to show gratitude as soon as I woke up every day. I felt gratitude for my health, for my husband, our home and my job. I intended my husband to recover from alcoholism, for him to get a stable job and for us to have a family.

My husband agreed to enter a rehab center for his alcoholism. I managed to save our home from foreclosure. I intended good things for both of us and others less fortunate. I started giving a little more to my church every Sunday.

Once my husband returned home after 31 days of rehab, he was renewed and full of energy and he applied for numerous jobs. He accepted an offer from a good company and started his job. My corporate job was outsourced and I decided to take a chance and get into sales. One month into our new jobs, my husband received a bonus, I met my sales quota and found out I was pregnant!

My husband and I believe in The Secret and the law of attraction. Because of The Secret my husband is sober going on 2 years and I have a career that I love that allows me to work from home to take care of our 11 month old baby.

We are so grateful to my mom for sharing The Secret with us and to Rhonda and her team. The Secret can help you change your life and turn it around. You have to see it, believe it and do it!

May the joy of The Secret be with you.


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