Dealing With Problems Like A Champion With The Secret

It was the start of the lowest phase of my life. I resigned from my job and was searching for a new one. I broke up with the guy I loved. I was away from my family so I had no emotional or mental support. And what was worse, I had been diagnosed with an acute case of tuberculosis.

I was totally broken in each and every area of my life. All hope diminished. I lost all my positivity. But there was something that never let me give up on life. I didn’t know what it was until I read The Secret book.

Dealing With Problems Like A Champion With The Secret

Each and every sentence of this book motivated my inner self. The dying hope came alive. I started being happy in those negative circumstances too, by doing all the little things that made me happy. Like talking to friends, listening to my favorite music, walking on the terrace and seeing the beautiful sunset. And also I started writing all the things in my life for which I am grateful.

And miraculously each day I was more and more optimistic about life. I met my doctor again. He seemed to be shocked and surprised at the same time and told me that in my case a patient usually has less than a 10 percent chances of survival. He said he was amazed seeing me recover. The tears of happiness rolled down from my eyes.

After that I became an enormously strong and positive person. I am thankful to The Secret and Rhonda for making me an optimist and coming out of all problems as a champion.

Author: Anita.

About the Author: I am an MBA in HR. Belong to a city called Kota. It is the education hub for IIT and Medical students. I have always been an optimist until I got struck with problems from all sides at a particular phase of my life. I am glad to share my story with all and want everyone to develop a positive attitude so that if at any time in their life they feel like giving up, they can feel motivated by thinking that someone who survived in worse circumstances. Just by being positive and optimistic.

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