Attracting Money with the Law of Attraction

Today’s story will tell you how faith in the law of attraction gets you the exact amount of money you ask for.

I am not normally one to share stories like this or brag about money, but I am reading The Secret for the second time and I got to “The Secret Of Money” and I realized how much the Success Stories helped me gain the right mentality, so I thought I should share.

The thing that helped me the most was the idea of a Vision Board.

When I read the book for the first time last summer, I was working really long and tough hours at my internship, wondering if the time was really worth it. After reading the book, I decided to set a goal for myself to make the summer internship more of a game than a job. I wanted to make $10,000 that summer, after taxes, just to say I made 5 figures at a job for the first time ever.

I printed each number of 10,000 out on a piece of paper, as big as I could fit it, and hung the “$10,000″ in paper on my wall so it was the first thing I saw every morning and the last thing I saw at night. It motivated me to go into work every day.

Attracting Money with the Law of Attraction

At the end of the summer, I added up all my earnings from the summer, and I was just under $300 short of $10,000. Although I wished I had worked just one more day to get to the goal, I was not disappointed because I made a very good amount of money.

I went back to school and a few weeks later then got a call from my mom at home saying I got something in the mail.

The next time I came home I opened it to find a check for just over $300 from my summer job paying me for the vacation days I didn’t take!

I made my goal of $10,000 by less than $100. I firmly believe that this was all through believing in The Secret. Now that I am reading it again, it is crazy to see how much of The Secret has worked in the past year and will continue to work in the future. Thank you for providing these stories and the motivation.

Author: Tyler

About the author: I am a 4th year student at Michigan State University.


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