Ask-Believe-Receive: An Idea That Changed My Life

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Byrne, for writing such amazing books. Thank you universe that I came to read this book.

This is the second story which I am writing, there are in numerous things that I attracted with the help of The Secret.

I always wanted to do one of my GMCS classes from Kolkata. Batches were filling fast but I got a seat because I believed that I would be selected and I got a batch on the same month and year which I had mentioned in my desire list.

The next very major thing was I cleared my Chartered Accountancy final exam with the help of  The Secret and The Magic.

Ask-Believe-Receive An Idea That Changed My Life

During my preparations I used to read The Secret, The Power and The Magic and whenever I was depressed it was these books that helped me to come out of stress and depression. I believed in one thing, that I would clear my exam.

I started doing all the things which I wanted to do after becoming Chartered Accountant. I purchased clothes, foot wear, I cleared my shelf of all old books, and I drafted this story a week before the results.

Today I am a Chartered Accountant!!!

I believe that we should have a positive attitude, everything that happens has something good in it. Just believe.


Author: Kalpana.

About the author: A strong girl who never gives up.


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