Success Story: Switch to an Ideal Job With The Law of Attraction

The night my husband showed me The Secret, we were in a very difficult time in our marriage and life. My husband had been in and out of jobs, we had gone bankrupt and we were barely making ends meet.

I was a teacher and had been for 11 years. The last year had been the worst, my husband had had several different jobs and mine was the only steady income we had. I had lost my love of teaching, the administration began harassing me because I spoke up against some negative situations going on where the administration was at fault. My life was at an all-time low.

The only thing I loved anymore was my children. The longer we struggled to pay the bills, the harder my work life became. I thought that I had to change something.

After watching The Secret I thought nothing could hurt so why not try it.

For several weeks I tried different things while reading stories online. I read where a lady just started putting out into the universe that she would have a new job, so I tried that.

I had no idea what that job would be, but I asked, believed it would happen and started picturing myself in the job I wanted. As a teacher you never plan to do anything else. I didn’t know what I was prepared to do outside the walls of a school, but I knew I was smart and I would find something. I was also getting my Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. I had a feeling one night to post on a discussion board that I was interested in getting involved in corporate training.

Several days went by, people posted how horrible I was to give up a job where I was touching children’s lives. One night I got a message from someone that would touch my life forever.

I had just started teaching summer school, but I had just about cleaned out my normal classroom not knowing where I would be the next school year, just knowing I wouldn’t be there. I still had a contract but I was ready any day to turn in my resignation. This angel wrote on the discussion board that she lived in my city and wanted to meet with me to talk about what I needed to do to move into this other “unknown” world of corporate training. After we met, we were instant friends. She explained her years in the industry, explained how I could get in and how to prepare my resume.

The next day she called and said she had a job for me and asked if I could start the following week. I made a vision board at this time. I had pictures of myself carrying a brief case in every day. I would wear heels and a suit to my executive job and I would have a red brief case. I would have a house with stairs and a stainless steel refrigerator. I tell you this to explain the visions throughout the rest of my story.

She said it was a contract job, $17.00 an hour. I would be taking a pay cut at first and there would probably be a better job in the following months, but this would give me a foot in the door. I took a risk and knew this was exactly what I needed to do.

Success Story Switch to an Ideal Job With Law of Attraction

She was right, in six months I was offered a job where I was making $15,000 more dollars than I was making as a teacher. For my birthday, that was 10 days before my offer, my husband came in with a new brief case, red and exactly like the one on my vision board. He didn’t even know I had a vision board. This all happened four years ago, I have been through a lot.

Nine months after being hired on to a permanent position I was laid off. I was extremely scared, but kept the faith that the universe had something better. On my last day with the job laying me off, I had a new job the next day making $10,000 more than I had at the previous job. Then about 9 months after working for that job, I had a call from my old boss / good friend that she had a job for me, making $20, 00 more than the current one, now close to $50,000 more than I was making as a teacher! I took it and in a year I was promoted to manager with a raise of $30,000. I have been in this position for a 18 months now. I love it. I manage a multiple member team and consult for a fortune 300 company.

You would think I was done. Nope! In September of 2014, my good friend called and had several side jobs for me. I decided to start my own side business on the weekends. We just moved into a new house with stairs. I come home each day with a brief case and in heels from my executive job. Oh and we also just bought that stainless steel refrigerator. Now my husband can stay at home and take care of our kids, and do sales for our business. I can provide more than enough for my family while doing exactly what I want to do.

My gratitude for The Secret is more than I can ever express. I spread this testimonial as often as I can. Every employee that works for me, our family and any friends. Those that were the most skeptical were our family members. Our mother’s both advised against it, but now say they were the first to tell us to go for it. It doesn’t matter, because the gratitude I express daily to those that have helped me through this process is endless. The loyalty and devotion of my husband and employees has been unbelievable. Daily something happens that is even better than I could have imagined.

Thank you to all that have helped this program to become live and a part of all of our lives. It has helped me to become a better wife, mother, and daughter. I am now able to teach my children to set goals, believe in themselves and not dwell in the negative because the negative will happen, it is how we deal with it that determines our next steps. Ask, Believe, Receive. Each step is important.

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