A Woman Gets A Perfect Body With The Law of Attraction

It goes without saying to Rhonda and The Secret team that we are all so thankful and grateful for sharing this amazing gift with the world. This is my second story here and although I live my dream life every day, one story in particular I would like to share.

Since I was little I’ve always been so fit, healthy and strong. I did sports 4-5x a week and I loved it. My group of friends and I were the “sporty” girls at school. I ran cross-country, sprinted for my county, played high level netball and had the body to die for.

Up until I was 21 I was so thin and happy and I didn’t even realize how amazing my health was, and how grateful I was to my mum and dad for encouraging me go to all these sporting events and being so supportive.

I used The Secret while at university to manifest my perfect weight and I manifested a number of wonderful things, which only sparked the change in my life to bring more and more to me.

I moved to Australia for a year after. During my time there I fell out of love with myself. I drank like a fish, partied every night and ate out at any given opportunity. I was lonely and used food as my escape as after my travels I was stuck not knowing what to do and had a very difficult time.

Woman Gets A Perfect Body With The Law of Attraction

You name it, I ate it. I never used to binge, or eat muffins, chocolate, anything like that, yet they were the only things that made me happy. I put on so much weight and developed cellulite on my legs in the space of 7 months which was the most devastating thing for me after having the ideal body my whole life.

After returning to London after a year of living on the other side of the world, it was time to get myself back on track emotionally and physically. I started feeling more positive about what I was eating and getting back into the routine of eating normally and not binging out.

My dream then came true of moving to Cape Town to work there for 3 months, as my Dad’s family live there, I have been many times and I adore it. Not only that, but South Africans have an amazing lifestyle and are incredibly active people, therefore I knew, as much as this was an amazing job opportunity, it was an opportunity to change my physical-self.

I was working out 4-5x a week because I loved it, not because I should do it to “lose weight”, but the love I felt for exercise was manifesting and changing the way I ate and looked. I ate badly when I wanted to and still felt gratitude for whatever the food was, knowing that it would manifest as perfection.

The main point I wanted to share though, was how important it is to say affirmations to yourself every day, to really believe what you’re reading and seeing, knowing that it’s happening to you. I had 5 weeks, half way through my 3 months, to get to my ideal weight of 57 kg before an event happening in London the day after my return.

I printed off a page of images I wanted to look like. No faces, just bodies and shape that I admired. I wrote my perfect weight, hip size, waist size and what condition I wanted my health to be in. I visualized it every day and it filled me with so much joy. I printed off 2 calendars for May and June and in each day I wrote something about myself to be grateful for or an affirmation or just a simple ‘thank you’, that I would read every single day up until the event, to keep me in line.

I honestly, cannot believe how powerful this experience was for me, and hopefully for you too. I not only dropped 8 kg in 5 weeks, but I got my perfect weight, size, health and my cellulite completely vanished. My skin even got better and tighter and the compliments I received brought me to tears. I wore the perfect dress to the event and looked the slimmest I had ever felt. I was so confident and happy within that it shone out like a ray of sunshine.

I really encourage anyone who wants their perfect health and weight, to keep believing that the universe will deliver. I promise it will! I know that the LOA works with no effort, but if you give a little effort, it will manifest quicker and quicker and you won’t even believe it.

I’m so grateful for this change within, and I treat my body with respect and love and fill it with the goodness it needs in order to stay my ideal weight. Look after yourself, inside and out and the universe will help you in every way.

Author: NATALIE from Cape Town, SA

About Natalie: Believer in a positive life.

Source: http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/keep-believing-in-your-perfect-body/

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