The Secret Success Story: Everything Happens for the Best

Yesterday started like any other normal day. I practice gratitude regularly. I was to go to another city and was to return before 6 pm.

I had to go alone. I am used to handling things alone. But then the day before yesterday, I wanted someone to accompany me. I did not feel like going alone. In a turn of events I had a row with that person and I started alone. I don’t know what happened to me, it was all my fault. I said something I should not have.

The secret saved my life

When I woke up yesterday I did not feel particularly good. I started spiraling down. In a turn of events I took the wrong bus and by the time I realized what had happened I was 2 hours away from home. I was like, what the hell, Seriously? This has never happened before. How could I have been so wrong. There was a debate going on in my mind, all the time. I did not know what to do.

Then I said, the Universe is looking out for me, there is no need to worry. The Universe will take care of everything, in fact it is taking care of me right now.

I had my low moments but I held on to that thought. I believed it. I had utter faith. I affirmed that I know, like I know, like I know that I am safe as the universe is my guardian.

So I took a bus back home. Then took the right one. But I was 4 hours late. I was nervous. I knew I would not be able to return home early. That it will be near midnight when I reach home. But I knew I was safe and that’s all that matters.

But then I was further delayed due to an accident in the highway. When I crossed it my heart skipped a beat.

If I had been on time, if I had not taken that wrong bus in the morning, I would have taken that bus back home, the one that’s crushed and standing in the highway!!!

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t be more grateful. The Secret saved my life. It made me be in the right place at the right time.

Yeah and I reached home around midnight and I was right again. The universe took care of me. And I even got that precious relationship back that I almost lost the day before out of stupidity. But now I understand. If I had had company, I would not have taken that wrong bus and I would have put not only my life at risk, but also his.

So thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

I have successfully manifested a lot of things. I started out with small things but then moved on to bigger dreams. I have been successful every single time. But this is the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Thank you so much!!!


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