Woman Gets Her Dream Job With the Law of Attraction

Firstly, thank you to Rhonda. Wow! She is changing lives all over the world every day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this into my life!

I’ve been wanting to write my story for so long because I read all these inspiring stories every day and I hope that mine can inspire others too.

I moved to a new state almost 4 years ago, to a city waaaaay bigger than where I’d come from. I continued to change jobs constantly. Sometimes after a year and sometimes within months and a couple within days! I hated everywhere I was working. I hated working in the city, spending hours a week sitting on a cramped train and making no real friends.

I had discovered The Secret when it very first came out, but like most of us I had used it, loved it, forgot to practice it and just let life happen to me.

So in July of last year I had been working at a job in the city. It was in a 3 month contract with the potential to go permanent, which is what I needed.

But I hated the job! I hated the people I worked with. Hated the hours, everything. I had a team mate that thought young people were “stupid”, she was in her 50’s and I was 27?! I had a manager that was too scared to stick up for her staff when they were hassled. I’d have days when I would catch the train all the way into the city to get straight back onto the next one and go home. I just couldn’t face them some days.

Then I started reading The Secret Stories on here every day during my lunch break at work. The stories would help me get through my days. So I went out and bought The Secret Gratitude Journal. I wrote exactly what I wanted. A family based business, the work hours, the salary, the people and a work place in the suburbs that I could drive myself to, instead of catching transport.

I downloaded The Secret movie to my iPhone and watched it every single day on my train ride to and from work. Every day I would say thank you. Every step I took walking to and from the train station, every step around the office I would say “Thank you”. I would say thank you for the amazing job I had. I started applying for jobs with desperation to get out of where I was, but was not getting any call backs.

As disappointed as I was, I just had to tell myself that the universe must have been planning something better for me.

The last week of my contract came and on the Monday my manager offered me a permanent role. I rejected it. I had no other job to go to, but I knew I couldn’t stay there any longer.

The very next day I received a call from a job agency that I didn’t even know I had sent my CV to? They had the perfect job for me and asked if I would be interested. In my most professional way I said “Hell Yeah!” He said he would get back to me IF they wanted to interview me. He called me back later that day and said “Can you start tomorrow?” I said “Um, don’t they want to interview and meet me first?” His reply: “No, they think you’ll be perfect”

use Law of attraction to get job

OMG!! Could this really be happening? This had never happened to me? I turned up and it was every bit as amazing as I dreamt and more! The work hours were exactly what I had written down. The work place was in the suburbs. The business was family owned. The salary exactly to the dollar that I asked for. Young people to work with. Exactly the list I’d written down. But with so much more! The people are amazing. My team mates are actual best friends now!!

This works people! This really, really does work. I know how hard it is to try and be positive, to see positives when you are absolutely hating parts of your life. I realised how powerful my mind was by all the negatives I had brought into my life, so I knew I could bring positives in and when I really practised it, it worked.

Please believe people! All of you out there hating your job – there is an amazing place out there for you. Tell yourself what you have to. When I wouldn’t get a call back for a job I would tell myself the universe was still “building” my request, and once completed and perfect, it would be shown to me.

And it was.

The timing is always perfect. Believe that. As stressed out and worried as you get, turn that energy into thinking positively and just “Know, like you know, like you know that it’s on its way!”

I love each and every one of you reading this and everyone that has posted their stories that gave me the encouragement to believe I could create what they were creating. Thank you Rhonda, you are definitely a gift from the universe for all of us!

Love to you all!!! xxx

Story by: CHARLENE from BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA says “27 years old and creating the life I want!”
Source: http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/be-absolutely-clear-that-its-being-built/

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