The Law of Attraction Success Story: Love Can Make Miracle happen

Seven years ago, my husband and I went through four failed IVF attempts and I was devastated that I could not have a child. I had read The Secret and kept trying to believe that we would be parents even in the face of all the failures. After the last attempt to have a baby, I decided to quit trying to understand how it was going to happen and just keep being thankful for the child I would one day have. I had thought of adoption but my husband was just over the age limit that most agencies allowed and I was scared to go through the process without knowing what would happen.

I kept a vision board at my desk in my office and printed a picture of a baby and kept it there to remind me every day to have faith. Several years passed and after moving our office to a new building, the picture with some other items on my board were put into a folder and forgotten.

Love can make miracles happen

In 2009, I read The Power and I felt a change in my life occur and it sparked the same desire for a child that I had tried not to think about. In 2010, I received a phone call from my assistant of four years that changed my life forever. My assistant was a single mom who’s boyfriend suddenly passed away and she told me that she was pregnant and asked if I wanted to adopt the baby. She said I had been such a mentor and mother figure to her and that she knew I would be a wonderful mom. Needless to say, we both received a lot of criticism for the decision but we both knew it was meant to be.

Now, three years later, I have a beautiful little boy who is the light of our life! Ironically, when my son was about one year old, I was cleaning out my closet and found the folder with the picture I had on the vision board so long ago. My husband almost passed out when I showed him because it looked so much like our son. I have the picture and my son’s next to each other as a daily reminder that the power to attract anything is real. I have also proven to all that doubted us that love can make miracles. His birth mom and I are still very close, still work together and she is the most courageous and wonderful woman I have ever known. She will be a part of our family forever!!

Love can make miracles happenStory by: ANDREA from DALLAS, TX
What she says about her: I am a mom, CEO of a management company and wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years now. I am also a mom to a beautiful rescue dog and cat that make our family complete.

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