Success Story: Getting the Best Seat on a Flight with LOA

Have you ever thought of using the law of attraction for small things, like getting a nice seat on a flight?

Read this story from Hanne from Bonn, Germany to get convinced that it works every time you have faith in it.

Here is Hanne’s story verbatim.

Please excuse me for my bad English. I hope it’s enough to share my story with you.

I live in Germany and I’d been introduced to The Secret in June 2012. A friend of mine told me about how she got her dream house after reading The Secret and practicing the LOA. I was very curious about this book but could not get it immediately at our local library, because it was lent. So I found The Power instead and read it. By reading The Power I felt very happy and sometimes I smiled to myself. After this I bought The Magic and practiced the days I found most interesting.

Getting the Best Seat on a Flight with LOA

In October 2012 I’d been visiting my mother, who leaves in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I made the flight booking (online) I chose and confirmed my seats for the 2 flights. But I was not satisfied with the seat in the middle of three and tried to change it several times without success. Every time I reached the step “change seat” came the information that there was something wrong technically and I should try again later. After trying five times, I thought to myself, I will let the LOA do the rest, and I practiced the 21st day from The Magic and thought, “Thank you for the best solution with my seat.”

When the day to fly back to Germany came, I checked in with my old seat choice, but after boarding I came to the seat and there was another woman sitting in it. She asked me if it mattered to me if I changed seats with her, because she’d like to sit near her husband. I said it didn’t matter, of course! Her seat was exactly the one I wanted to get!! I was so happy and thankful that I could not stop thinking “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” But this was not the end.

Before we flew a woman from the airline came to me and asked me to take my hand baggage and follow her, because I’d been upgraded!!! I could hardly believe it. They gave me a larger and comfortable seat, and so I got the “best solution with my seat,” just like I asked for!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the goodness we can learn through and with Rhonda’s wonderful books.

I hope ever more people will learn to use the LOA for their own and others’ happiness every day!

About Hanne: I am mother of four adult, lovely boys and girls and very grateful for being introduced to the LOA.


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