Healing And Confidence With The Law of Attraction

After suffering for so much time with insecurities, especially about my skin, I can finally say I am now so grateful to God for putting The Secret in my life! I am now living the life of my dreams and manifesting so much peace and happiness in my life!

My story starts around the time I hit puberty when I started to experience mild acne. Around this time I had started to develop trouble with my peers and consequently many other problems arose. After getting out of this environment I still had a somewhat negative mindset and continued to experience many pimples, which I would pick at causing deep scarring. I wasn’t feeling any abundance around this time and I felt I wasn’t in control so when problems (acne) came up I would dwell on them, which in turn caused many more problems. I lived in this negative lifestyle for a long time until eventually I saw The Secret. One of my family members practically forced me to read the book but eventually I got hooked! I then saw the movie and I really took it to heart.

Healing And Confidence With The Law of Attraction

Around this time I had really began to live with a lot more joy and things started to be going good. I was getting good grades, a lot of people wanted to be around me, I was excelling in sports and overall feeling joy. But this didn’t last very long when I started to forget what I learned and started to put too much energy in my problems. My life started going downhill again and I was feeling terrible especially since I had many dark scars from all the acne I had. I was tired of living like this, so I started to pray, believe, and have FAITH that my situation was getting better. I made a list of 101 goals that I wanted to manifest (one of these goals was to have super clear skin) and started taking positive action toward them. I completely stopped looking at myself in mirror. Every day I would look at pictures of people with clear skin and feel the joy and happiness that comes with ALREADY having clear skin. After one week I checked my skin and it was so clear and amazing! I started to develop so much confidence and started to turn into a radiant person. Everybody wanted to be around me because I made an effort to be happy and give happiness! After having clear skin I made an effort to apply this to other problems and I after some time I did!

Now apart from having super clear skin I have great relationship with the girl of my dreams, I have made so many really great friendships, I am on the honor roll, I have a great physique that I am currently trying to make even better, and I am an awesome soccer player! It is very important that you VISUALIZE and FEEL your goals and wishes then take positive action TOWARD the goal. Remember that with God all things are possible and if you can see the INVISIBLE, God will do the IMPOSSIBLE! Thanks for reading and I hope you have great results in achieving your dreams…Blessings!

Source: http://www.thesecret.tv/stories/believe-and-you-shall-receive-5/

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  1. Thank you so much for your post! Even if I’ve already known most of the things its always – like you experienced- important to be remembered and go back on the track! I hope you feel my gratitude, may you be blessed!

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