Success Story: Never Seen Any Child Heal So Dramatically

The Secret was given to me, and I thought, “Anything is better than just letting her go.” … Our grandaughter had open heart surgery at 3 days old. We found out when our daughter was 7 months pregnant that our baby Bella may not live past a few days. So I believed in her all healthy, and I prayed to every Angel above to guide her on her way.

She had open heart surgery and she got stronger and stronger, and at her 4 month check up the heart doctor at Boston Childrens Hospital wanted to know who we were believing in, because he has never seen any child change and heal so dramatically.

Never Seen Any Child Heal So Dramatically

She is now 6 months old and her scars are almost invisible, and you would never believe she had open heart surgery. Thank you for all our blessings. And everyone needs to give their children and grandchildren a kiss at night and realize just how blessed they are to have them healthy, and the next time they laugh, laugh with them, and remember Baby Bella.’

About Deborah A. W. from Lancaster MA:
Loving wife, proud mother of 4, prouder grandmother of 4.


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