Success Story: Using Law of Attraction to Get Small Things

So my boyfriend and I had been fighting for most of this past January, and he was very upset with me. He felt that I had not been being the best girlfriend that I could be and he was unhappy. I really love him, and I hated the fact that we were arguing all the time about things that I knew I could fix if I put in the effort.

His birthday was in the end of December and we sadly were not doing well during that time period. So I ended up not doing what I wanted to do for him for his birthday, which was taking him to his favorite musician’s concert. I really hurt his feelings because he knew what I was planning, but I did not follow through. I felt as though that was the best gift I could have given him and I failed to follow through.

I kept trying to think of how I could make it up to him, and what I could do for him and I decided to search for LA Lakers basketball tickets because that is his FAVORITE team ever and he had never been to a game. I thought to myself “This is it! This is perfect!”

Using Law of Attraction to Get Basketball Tickets

I proceeded to search for tickets, but I wanted him to have great seats, but great seats were not in my budget at the moment. So I reached out to a friend of mine who had a friend who was able to get discount tickets for the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn where the game would be taking place. I contacted them and they said they’d try their best to get something for me. At this time it was about 2 weeks before the game.

I kept checking in and checking in and getting no answers. I really wanted those tickets and I wanted great seats so in order to really believe that I already had the tickets I drew my own Nets vs Lakers tickets! I even put seat numbers on them. I also picked out my outfit and my makeup. I envisioned everything that I could.

On the day of the game I got the phone call from my friend saying he had gotten the tickets for me, and for FREE! I was SO excited!

Now the last thing I needed to do was ask my boyfriend to accompany me. I had not mentioned the game to him because I did not have a confirmation on the tickets and we were not on speaking terms, so I did not want to worsen the situation by letting him down once again. I called him and invited him. It was tough, but he finally agreed!

About an hour before the game I went to pick up the tickets, and I was shocked to open the envelop to find VIP SUITE tickets inside!! So not only did I get the tickets but I got some of the most expensive and best tickets that money could buy, at no cost!

I thanked God and the Universe for bringing these things to me. It was amazing!

And my boyfriend and I have been doing better ever since then.

This is just a fun way to use The Secret, but I do plan to use it for more powerful things. This was just my test, the first time I really took in The Secret and put it into action.


About N. Rosario from New Jersey:

22 year old Jersey Girl who discovered The Secret about a year ago. I believed it from day one, but had trouble using it properly until now!

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