A Non Believer in Law of Attraction Transforms into an Avid Believer

I sat down at dinner and mentioned that I really liked the new diet regime that I had started. My friend looked at me and said; “Sharan you need to stop dieting.” We had a very back-and-forth (heated) conversation about why I needed to just believe in the fact that I could look the way I wanted to if I really believed it. I argued the point that it is scientifically impossible for the human body’s metabolism to work if you eat what you want and believe yourself to be thin. After about an hour we agreed to disagree and I went on my merry way not eating carbohydrates after lunch.

About 1 month after this conversation my best friend gave me a book for my birthday – The Secret. I thanked her very much and told her it was great. Secretly I thought “Hmph, stupid book, it’s all a load of bull.” I went to work the next day with the Book and joked around with my work mates reading excerpts and making fun of what was written. I proclaimed that there was no way I was reading it, and it was all a scam.

The more I read those little excerpts though, the more intrigued I was about what the Book had to say. Soon I had decided that I would read it, but just for fun. Admittedly, when I first started reading the book I thought, what a load of bull, but as I started to read more and more I started to understand the philosophy behind The Secret. I started to change a few little things in my life, like thanking the universe when I woke up. I was still skeptical, but thought, I am going to try it and if it does not work then so what.

Believer in Law of Attraction

I really did not like the job I was at and one day decided to jump on the internet to see what jobs were around. All my life I wanted a VW Beetle like in the movie Herbie. I saw a job advertised where as part of your company car you got a Beetle. I thought, “Wow, I am going to apply just for that!” I applied and after the interview I decided that besides that car, the new job would be a great opportunity. I went home and printed a picture of a VW Beetle and stuck it to the front of the fridge. I told my husband that it was a picture of my new car. But more importantly I believed that is was my new car. I could picture myself driving around in it already! Two days later I had the job.

I am not sure how many other people feel like me, but I know deep down that I am destined not to have a run of the mill life. Whether that means I am wealthy, famous, or just traveled I don’t know. What I do know is that my life is going to be more than existing on this earth. My husband and I have wanted a change in our life for a long time. We always have said that we are just waiting for our life to begin. We decided that we would move to London and get a working holiday visa for 12 months so we could see the world. It was going to be a bit of a struggle to save the money and ensure we could still pay our mortgage, but we were doing it regardless.

One day, my husband came home and told me about a job in the USA. It was perfect opportunity wise, location wise and money wise. We would be flown over business class and have all expenses paid including our electricity, water and rent! It felt almost too good to be true. But then somehow, it also felt like this was supposed to be ours. I encouraged him to apply, and he told me not to get excited as many people would be applying for it.

I kept reading my trusty book The Secret – and decided that I would give the law of attraction another chance to prove my skepticism wrong again. I printed a Google map of California and a check from the universe for $110,000. I did not want to be greedy – I just wrote the amount that my husband would be paid if we got the job. I researched the houses in the suburb we would be living in, how far away things were, and what job opportunities I would have if we moved. My husband kept saying, “Don’t do any research into it until you know we have the job.” I re-affirmed to him that we already had the job and being told ‘yes’ was just a technicality. I told him to stop saying, “If we move to America” and instead say “when we are living in America”. I would picture myself walking down Sunset Boulevard or driving through the desert to get to Vegas. I truly believed that we had the job. Every time I would open the fridge door I would take a moment to look at the map of California and the check made out to us for $110,000.

I was on a plane to visit my friend in Western Australia and I started talking to the man next to me. We got onto the topic of travel and I told him that I was moving to America at Christmas time. I told him as though we already had the job. I was at the doctors getting a vaccination and they told me I was due for my next shot in February. I asked if I could get it done a month earlier because I would be living in America in January! All these little things were ways of me telling the universe that I wanted to move to America. I believed in it and more importantly I had accepted it as though it had already happened.

Two days ago we were told he got the job over about 300 people. We are 26 and 27 years old and our life is about to change dramatically.

I believe it is definitely because of my husband’s talent that he got the job. But it is more than that. I also believe that we wanted it bad enough and believed in it enough that the universe chose us over those other 300 qualified people.

I am now a true believer in the laws of attraction, and I am starting to change the way I feel about myself and my body. In three months time I will make another entry onto this website telling you all that I have the body that I want. Not through dieting but through a change of life. Through believing in The Secret and the laws of attraction.

About Sharan L from Newcastle, Australia:

I grew up in Sydney suburbs and moved to Newcastle (2hrs nth) about 5 years ago with my husband. I draw portraits as a hobby and love music.

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