Only YOU Can Cure Yourself

Tina from Hong Kong shared with us her miraculous recovery from a debilitating and rare medical condition using nothing but the Power of her thoughts and a daily dose of inspiration from The Power Audio Book by Rhonda Byrne…

“When I was 32 years old, I was diagnosed with early menopause. I still remember my OBGY trying to calm me down while he mumbled to himself, ‘This is the youngest I’ve ever seen’. I was in tears for days, weeks, months, knowing that I will never be able to be a mother. It was devastating. No words can describe the pain and journey I’ve been through. There is no cure, and there is no recommendation from the Doctor. Trust me, I travelled around the world trying to find a cure, a reason, a way to turn back time and bring back my normal, and regular menstrual cycle like every other woman in the world. I’ve tried herbal pills, acupunctures, birth control pills, hormone therapy, etc. You name it, I’ve been through it.

The truth is, deep down I wasn’t surprised. I’ve always been a very negative person. Before I was given the news, I’d heard stories like this; women in their early 30s diagnosed with menopause. I’ve always worried that it would happen to me, and it did. Golden rule of The Secret…if you worry about something, it will happen to you. After my divorce, immediately I was diagnosed with early menopause.

Only YOU Can Cure Yourself

After five years of trying pills after pills, doctor after doctor, something worse happened. The complication developed into high blood pressure and calcium deficiency because I aged rapidly. My kneecaps were constantly in pain when I walked too much. And I had to start taking blood pressure medication. I was only 36, but I felt like I was 63. In fact, I woke up every morning, thinking that I probably will die very young. I was depressed every single day.

I got married again and my husband has been very patient with my emotional ups and downs. He encouraged me to go out, exercise and eat a healthy diet. Last year I decided to stop all the hormones pills just to give my body a break. After I stopped all the treatment, one day I walked into the bookstore and saw a book, The Power. I’d read The Secret before but I found an excuse by telling myself that there is no point when I am such a negative person. But somehow a strong voice was telling me, that the book was my only hope and only cure. And if none of the treatment has worked, perhaps I should be my own doctor and treat myself a different way.

I read through the book and was immediately hooked. I bought the audio book and listened to it every day. I listened to it on the subways, when buying groceries, when walking on the streets, when I woke up on those sleepless nights. I was in tears every time Rhonda said to me that I should be able to do anything, and get anything I want in life.

Then I began to practice the positive thinking and imagination. I imagined myself having regular and strong blood vessels. I imagined myself taking no medication and still having normal healthy blood pressure. I imagined myself running around without feeling any pain from my knees. And I imagined myself having a normal menstrual cycle like every young woman I know. I felt love every single moment for the very first time. I no longer felt depressed about little, minor things. I felt blessed and happy because I’m surrounded by people that I love and places that I enjoy.

After 3 months, I took a chance and stopped taking medication. It’s been months without any medication and my blood pressure is normal. My knees are no longer in pain, and the most unbelievable moment just occurred a few days ago: I just had my period! And I know it is all because of The Power.

See the thing is, nobody knows your body completely well except for yourself. Not your doctor, not your family, but yourself. Only YOU and God can cure yourself. Thank you so much for the entire team from The Secret/The Power…for giving me a strength and power to overcome challenges in life. You made me believe that I am strong, I deserve everything and I am Invincible.

Thank you Rhonda, you may not know me but yet you have saved my life. God bless!”

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