How A Woman Got her Dream Home With Law of Attraction.

I first heard about The Secret on the Oprah Winfrey show back in Feb. ’07. It was by chance (or not by chance) that I saw this, because I usually watch another show at this time of day. I was instantly captivated, since I had been studying other books with a similar message (including the Bible), so it just made sense and clicked for me. I wanted the DVD right away and tried to order it online, but I guess the circuits were jammed after the popularity of the show, and I couldn’t get through. I was going to my sister’s for the weekend in San Diego, and since she doesn’t have a computer, I had to put my ordering on hold. But I told her all about it, and I tell you, after that things really started to happen! That very weekend!

I am a real estate agent who had listed my friends 1.1 million dollar home. We both wanted it sold – it had been listed with another agent for 4 months with not one offer! In my mind I visualized a SOLD sign on the house, and also kept thinking I wanted to somehow get the buyer too, so that way I would get double commission. I kept thinking all these things over and over… I had been thinking on these things for about a month, but that very weekend – after seeing The Secret – it happened!

Dream Home Law of Attraction

While I was in San Diego I had a message on my machine from a couple who were interested in the house. I called them, and much to my delight they didn’t have an agent! After meeting with them and viewing the house again, they made an offer! My friend’s house sold in just 33 days! Which in a slow market is phenomenal! And there’s more! The offer was contingent on the buyers selling their existing property. My friend was reluctant to take the offer, but I just knew it would work out, so she agreed to a 60 day escrow, to give them time to sell their house. So again, all my thoughts were focused on seeing the buyer’s house SOLD. And that happened too! Within a week, the first weekend of their open house, they sold their house! My friend and I rejoiced and celebrated! The escrow successfully closed and I made $40,000 in one transaction – more money then I made the previous year working 40 hrs a week for a builder.

But there’s more! After reading The Science of Getting Rich, I was intrigued with the story about the man who visualized on owning the house he was renting. I had been renting for two years, so now I really started concentrating on owning either this house, or another house I could afford. Within maybe two weeks of thinking these thoughts, my landlord called to say he wanted to sell his house, and he would give me first choice if I wanted to buy it! Pretty incredible, huh? His house was a bit pricey for me, but I started looking right away – And you know what? I found the most beautiful house at a price I could afford. The escrow for my own home closed on May 25th, a mere 3 months after discovering The Secret on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Thank you God! Thank you! Thank you!

About Sandy L. from La Quinta, Ca:

A single mom who is becoming more at peace, joyful, and experiencing abundance more each day after discovering The Secret…


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