A Woman Gets Perfect Love With Law of Attraction

I have just returned from a romantic weekend with the man I visioned 3 months ago, and the situation I only wished for 1 week ago. The realization of how powerful The Secret is has blown me away and has me feeling so grateful.

After 18 months on my own after my traumatic marriage breakdown, a health crisis, death of my father, law problems with my son, etc, earlier this year I had been feeling very low. I then found The Secret and began keeping a diary where I would write down my deepest wishes. The most central and immediate wish was for a man in my life NOW. I was ready. I wrote down what he would make me feel like, visioned how he would look, and a scene of him and me sitting on a couch talking. That was 3 months ago.

One week ago, on a Saturday night, home again watching a DVD with my daughter, I went outside at night and actually spoke loudly to the Universe saying, “I don’t want to spend next Saturday night alone – I want to have a romantic night with a nice man.”

Love With Law of Attraction

During the next week amazing things happened. I met a man again I had briefly met a couple of weeks before and felt a spark for. Things developed quickly, and before I knew it we had a date planned Saturday night.

I was blown away that night when sitting at opposite ends of the couch talking to each other, I suddenly remembered my vision from 3 months before and realised that this was it right here and now. The man talking to me looked exactly like the one in my vision and the situation we were in was exactly like that too. The day evolved exactly as I had wished – right down to a walk in the sunshine on the beach, something I had verbalised I would like to do with a man to my mother a week before.

When I got back from the time with him and realised just how much my wishes had been answered, I cried tears of gratitude. I feel so good about myself today, I am getting back my self-confidence as a woman, and feel now I can help create the life I want by applying The Secret.

About Debbie P from New Zealand:

Separated working mother of 3 (48 years old) who after a year from hell in 2006, learned that life was short and didn’t want to waste a minute, so used The Secret to bring her wishes to reality.

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