The Secret Success Story: Bringing More Money into Your Life

I would like to start my story telling you that without The Secret book, and without the help of Rhonda and all her team, all I did in the past two years could have been defined as: impossible.

Thank you for telling us simple truths with a simple language, that goes to the roots of our souls and that connects them with the harmony of the universe.

A couple of years ago without finding any opportunity for my career in my city and country I read The Secret, it was amazing.

I tried to use its principles, and just after a couple of months, for the first time in my life, the project I was working on big, So big that national TV Shows came to knock on my door making interviews about me and my idea, in the same living room where everything started, and where I was working with two young friends as we had no money to work in an independent office.

Bringing More Money into Your Life

I understood the importance of change. So after this project I changed country and went to United Kingdom. Inspired by the book, I invented another project naming it with an inspiration from the stars. My ambition and determination now was much higher, so I asked the universe for a bigger check, almost impossible to get at this particular phase of the new project and my experience.

I thought it was impossible, but the universe did not. So the impossible check came after just 6 months, exactly what I was aiming for. It was a 6 figure check.

The most incredible thing is not just that. It was that sometimes the universe worked like it wanted to send me to success while ignoring my wrong moves. But as you say in the movie and in the books, optimism is a choice. And it is much stronger than pessimism.

Thank you to all of you, The Secret team and to all the people that will follow your principles. I really wish to do more for you and the Secret community.

And I really think that now is the right time to create communities with The Secret principles around the world. Thank you for all your help!

Author: Daniel R. from Italy:

Creative thinker and entrepreneur.


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