The Secret Success Stories: The Magic Cheque Worked

The Magic Check Worked – By Karis from London, England

I just want to share this story as I know this will give inspiration to those who need it, especially with financially breakthroughs.

In 2011 I printed out The Magic Check and wrote the amount I wanted to receive. I left it in my purse and every day I would look at it and BELIEVE I have the money into my account and I was thankful for receiving it.

Magic Cheque

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In 2012 I was involved in a car crash. It left me feeling down and depressed but I got back up on my feet and started thinking and believing positive thoughts. One of my main concerns was how would I be able to pay off my car as I took out a loan and because of the accident I was not able to work for some time.

After some time, I admit I forgot about The Magic Check.

Then after all the paper work the claim went through and after almost 2 years I received my payout.

I was grateful for the amount, as I said I received more today than I did yesterday.

A few weeks after cashing the check I kept asking myself, why that amount.

Two days ago I decided to update my vision boards as nearly all the things I wanted I had received abundantly. At that time something struck my mind. I remembered the check I wrote and the amount, and all the memories came flooding back.

It turns out the amount I wrote on the check was the same amount of compensation I received!

I am just so thankful, grateful and joyful! I also know that my faith was a big part. So I know that next time I write a check I will write a bigger amount as believing with a child mind mentality helps and being grateful every day for everything keeps negative thoughts at bay.

Thank you faith, Law of Attraction and for all the people who have the courage to believe and share their positive experiences.


About Karis from London, England:

Recently graduated, currently working in the NHS England’s National Health Service.

Looking to start my own family business. Have strong faith in God.


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