The Secret Success Stories: Girl Heals her Father With Law of Attraction

I am truly grateful to Rhonda Byrne and her entire team for introducing the universal thought for everyone’s well-being. For me The Secret is as good as a bible and I believe in every word mentioned in the book. I have been a follower of The Secret for the last 4 years now and have been loving every day of my life.

I got to read The Secret coincidentally when my friend forgot his book in my car and I happen to read it and fell in love with it at the first instance, itself. Thereafter, I have always read the book to rejuvenate my positive thoughts. I have been delivered with loads of miracles only by being a true follower of The Secret. Of all of them, I would like to share the most amazing miracle that took place in my life.

One fine morning of 17th, June 2013, my dad collapsed in our house and was taken to the hospital. Doctors informed to us that he has gone into a coma and was diagnosed with the last stages of cirrhosis of the liver. He went into a coma as the ammonia discharged by the body entered his brain due to his non-functioning liver.

Girl Heals her Father With Law of Attraction

Girl Heals her Father With Law of Attraction (*Image for representation only.)

Doctors informed us that he could come into conscious after a month or a year. At this point in time I was 6th months pregnant and seeing my father in such a critical stage was unbearable. My mom and entire family members had given up looking at the state of my father. But something inside me told me that I cannot lose hope and come what may, I can cure my father. I went home and prayed for my father’s consciousness but there was no change in his state on the 2nd day. I knew I had to keep my faith and be positive and make myself believe. That day I went home and before going to sleep with my whole heart I visualized by father wakening up and saying my name.

The 3rd day when I went to the hospital, doctors told my mom that it’s a miracle that this person has come out of a coma from such an abysmal condition. I had tears of happiness in my eyes when I heard these words from the doctor’s mouth. Later in the week dad was discharged in a crucial state where his liver had failed and the only way of survival was a liver transplant.

People in our country are still hesitant when it comes to donating body parts of their loved ones due to conservative beliefs. But I had to believe it to make it happen. I read loads of stories on this site and kept my morale going. I also printed a picture of my father and myself and wrote on that page that my father is healthy and hearty and is enjoying life to his fullest. I looked at this copy every morning and every night and thanked god for his good health.

Day by day my father’s health was deteriorating and it was very difficult to see him and still to stay on the track of being positive. But I knew it that I can make a miracle take place in his life by my thoughts. We got his name registered in 3 hospitals for getting a liver. The time was passing and dad was losing hope every single day. I used to tell him to keep up his morale and do things like meditate, visualize being healthy and hearty and told him to be happy as much as possible, which was a very difficult task for him considering the pain he was going through physically and mentally.

In between this entire ordeal I delivered a baby boy a month prior to my due date and that was also on my dad’s birthday on 25th September 2013. In this challenging situation of life, our bundle of joy spread his happiness in all our lives. This was the best gift to my father a daughter could give on his birthday.

Long story short, out of nowhere we got a call exactly after 6 months from the doctors stating that there has been an accident case that has come in their hospital and his parents are wanting to donate his organs. The patients who were ahead of dad on the waiting list for getting a liver transplant, do not want to go ahead with the operation as they were not in town.

We rushed to the hospital and got dad admitted and the operation took place for 11 hours with 17 doctors on 17th December 2013. This was the biggest night of our entire life. We just couldn’t sleep and were waiting for good news throughout these 11 hours. I maintained my positive wavelength till the end and knew that the operation would be a success. As planned by my thoughts, the doctors gave us the news that the operation was a success.

Thereafter my father’s health has been improving every single day. He has also started believing in law of attraction and miracles of lives.

Thank you Universe. Thank you God. Thank you to each one of you for your stories that have inspired me every single day and has helped me achieve the gift miracle in my life. Please do believe in your thoughts, keep faith, and you shall receive the best gift of life.


Thank you all for reading my story.

About Priya Sharma from India:

A person who used to believe that negative turns into positive. Who now believes that positive thinking can change your life.


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