Common Errors People Commit With The Law of Attraction Implementation

Do you know people who have tried the Law of Attraction with mixed results or maybe even no success at all? Most likely quite a few. And if you are like most people, you most likely don’t know many who have used it successfully.

The fact is that there’s more to making your dreams come true than just desiring something. This makes sense. After all, almost everyone would like to have better relationships, better health and more money.

Success coaches who specialize in this area know the truth. They’ll tell you that some critical differences divide those who succeed from the ones who don’t.

Common Errors People Commit With the Implementation of The Law of Attraction

1. Focusing on the things you actually want to avoid. In his audio called The Strangest Secret, self-help leader Earl Nightingale revealed a critical key: people become what they think about throughout the day. Success coaches will tell you that only a few rare people have clearly defined dreams and this is where they start. They understand that if you haven’t got a dream, you can’t possibly make a dream come true.

Even those who do have dreams usually end up worrying that they won’t ever accomplish them and this is exactly what they create. The Law of Attraction brings them what they think about throughout the day and they never realize their dreams.

The solution involves taking two steps. Step one is to define your dream i.e. set your goals. Next, start to keep a close watch on your thinking. You absolutely must be thinking about the things you want instead of what you don’t want.

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2. Waiting for what you want to come to you. In his groundbreaking book, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles teaches two essential elements. The first is what he describes as “thinking in a certain way,” which you just learned. The second is what he calls “acting in a certain way.”

Success coaches will validate this point, too. You can’t just wait around and hope that what you want to come to you. You have to take action over a period of time to get what you desire. Thinking draws what you want in your direction and action allows you to claim it.

Just about everyone misses this part, too. Such people somehow think that if they want something, the Law of Attraction should just bring it to them. The truth is that the people who use the Law of Attraction successfully with their health, relationships, and money are the ones who keep working at what they want, who start out in the direction they plan to go and never look back.

3. Planning to change other people. A surprising number of people think they can use the Law of Attraction to force other people to be attracted to them, give them things, and make them happy. This isn’t going to happen.

The problem here is thinking it isn’t necessary to take responsibility for oneself. Those who succeed understand that they alone are responsible for their happiness and success. You CAN change some things in yourself to be the type of person who another person might love. Also, you can take steps to become the person a company would employ. The understanding you need to have is that you alone are responsible.

These points should help you to get on the right track, because it IS possible to make your dreams come true with the Law of Attraction. As you may be sensing, it actually requires a complete reality shift. This IS, however, one that can make your life exciting and magical. When you understand how to get the Law of Attraction to work successfully, just imagine what might happen!

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