Use the Law of Attraction to Ignite the Passion in your Relationship

Use the Law of Attraction to Ignite the Passion in your RelationshipSo when you speak of passion, you have to keep the fire lit! A good sex life truly is important in any successful relationship so what does that tell you that you have to do? Create romantic opportunities and how do you do that, by using the Law of Attraction to change your way of thinking. Instead of focusing on the fact that you have never been much of a romantic, change that thought completely around and allow your mind to go where you want to be. Ideas will arise and you will feel them which will make it easier to create them.
Sex can be fantastic for any couple but it can also cause a lot of stress especially for those couples that are struggling to keep some steam in the bedroom and to enjoy the satisfaction that they should be getting from sex. Often this is due to a lack of having a positive body image. It is a known fact that having a positive body will improve intimacy and passion. People who perceive themselves as unattractive are much more likely to have a drop in sexual desire or activity. Therefore, wouldn’t it only make sense that improving one’s body image would increase sexual desire?

Your mind is obviously thinking negatively about your love life and your body or else you wouldn’t be lacking passion so as much as you have been thinking negatively about your body you now have to use the Law of Attraction to turn those negative thoughts around and turn the negative into positive. Think sexy, act sexy, feel sexy, talk sexy, smell sexy, and see sexy. A positive self-image shouts confidence and confidence is pure sexy. If you feel sexy then you will evoke passion.

The initial passion and attraction in a relationship gives it an opportunity to grow. When there is no chemistry and passion the relationship typically dies off and if we’re lucky becomes a friendship. If you want your relationship to stay strong, do whatever you can to keep the flames burning. Try to keep some level of mystery, be mindful of the little things, forgive, give compliments and be thankful. Ultimately, remember to always try to impress your mate and ensure that they are happy. If you do so, you will no doubt be able to keep the passion alive

Find that causes that makes your passions flow!! Then realize that NO ONE carries the vision for that passion that you do!! So who better to champion that cause than you, who has so much passion and so much vision, that no one else can even see it in the unique way you do!


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