Thoughts, Emotions, Vibrations and the Law of Attraction

High School Chemistry teaches that the building blocks of all matter are atoms. We all know this and no one disputes that atoms are basic building blocks of matter. Nor do they dispute that atoms are made of ENERGY in the form of positive and negative electrical charges. Einstein emphasized this point with the Theory of Relativity formula: E= mc2.
In simple terms this means that ALL matter, including our bodies is made of energy. It is now proved that every thought has a frequency and an energy in it. So every thought that you send out to the universe has a life of its own. The universe on its part picks up the energy of our vibrations and gives us a physical reality which reflects the thought vibrations that we sent out. In short, this is how the law of attraction works.

When we wake up late and irritated, it sometimes spirals into a horrible day. That is because the negative vibrations that we hold when we wake up, attract events which are also negative. You need to look at yourself as a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe. If you want positive events you have to vibrate with positive vibrations (emotions) and the law of attraction will get you all the positive things.

Stay focused on what you want and move your focus away from what you do not want.

Thoughts emotions, Vibrations and the Law of Attraction

Ways to increase your positive vibrations

* Identify your visions and goals. Commit to taking action for co creating your goals. You can use one of the following methods to activate the law of attraction.

1) Visualize what you want. As you visualize feel the emotions of joy and happiness like the goal has already manifested.

2) Write down your goal like it has already happened. Read it every day and feel the emotions of joy as you read it

3) Record your positive affirmations about your goal and listen to it every day.
Example: I am now living in my beautiful new house and I feel so happy and grateful

More steps

* Heal past pain and let the old baggage go so you can make place for new

* Heal any frustration you have in your current life situation and realize that the with the current vibrations of frustration you could be attracting more frustration.

* Are you living life like a victim and blaming people and situations for your suffering? Stop playing victim and start taking responsibility. You can change this situation by changing your emotions and by visualizing a positive outcome. Some people wait for external circumstances and people to change to be happy and they waste a lot of time. Heal yourself and change within and notice how everything around you changes.

In my experience to be vibrating with positive emotions everyday it also important to heal past pain and the blocks to abundance like fear of failure, fear of success, self-sabotage etc. You can use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or any other healing method that you are comfortable to heal and empower yourself while trying to use the law of attraction.


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