Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

Let’s consider the antithesis to this question. Does negative thinking work?

Well, has there been a time when you have worried unduly about something? Maybe you were worried about an exam, a driving test, an interview. Chances are that your worst expectations came into fruition and even if you got the outcome you desired you recognized that you could have performed better had you not worried.

When we worry or have negative thoughts about something we are not allowing ourselves to think constructively about how to achieve what we want. We focus all our energy on the negative elements of a particular situation and what we put energy into grows.

Dr. Kathleen Hall writes in her book A Life in Balance,

“Affirmations are positive statements we tell ourselves. Our mind believes what we tell it. When you tell your brain positive information, you are feeding your brain extremely valuable food that heals your mind and body…When you tell yourself something over and over again, it gets recorded in your brain; then your mind and body believe it and you become what you have been telling yourself. A positive affirmation is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

This statement represents half of the picture because when we tell our brain, meaning our sub-conscious mind, negative information, when we repeatedly tell ourselves something which is negative it also gets recorded in the mind as if it were a true statement.

“A negative assertion is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

I was chatting to an acquaintance the other day. I could see she was tense and she was complaining of having headaches. I asked if she was worried about anything and she admitted that she was worried about a new job assignment. Now she wasn’t worried about her ability to handle the assignment; she was worrying because she had this type of assignment before and didn’t enjoy it. She was worrying herself sick and for no good reason.

“When you send your brain negative information, you are feeding your brain anti-nutrients that harm your mind and body.”

Take getting a promotion at work. If we focus on why it’s not possible to get the promotion and focus on our limitations then that’s what we’ll put our energy into. The presentation and or interview will roll around, we’ll perform poorly, lose the opportunity and tell ourselves, “See, I knew I wasn’t good enough!” “I knew I wouldn’t get the promotion.” We may even blame someone else, “The boss doesn’t like me.” “Bob is more experienced than I. He was bound to get the position.”

When we have these thoughts we give up our power to influence change in our lives. When we accept that we create our reality then we can choose our reality. We can become more aware players in this game called life.

So if negative thinking works then, by the Law of Polarity, the opposite must also true. As Larry King said in his introduction to a special edition of Larry King Live aired recently called The Power of Positive Thinking where he interviewed Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John DeMartini and

JZ Knight,

“Positive thoughts can transform, can attract the good things you know you want.”

However, holding on to positive thoughts is challenging. When we are born we are encoded with the genetic material of our parents and, it has been proven, with the genetic material of our ancestors – that’s a lot of hard-wiring. We then grow up in an environment where the values of our parents and or guardians are also engrained into us whether it is ‘information’ that serves us in a negative or positive manner. Hence there is a lot of stuff to override. As Jack Canfield, puts it,

Positive Thinking

“We are a bundle of conditioned reflexes out of control.”

We tend to put a lot of emotion into our negative thoughts compared to the emotion and energy we put into our positive thoughts. I can have a negative thought and if I don’t invest too much emotion into it then I generally don’t have to worry about it taking hold and manifesting itself. Unfortunately, we often invest a lot of energy and emotion into our negative thoughts and this simply serves to bring our worse fears into fruition even faster.

Conversely, when we say positive affirmations there can be an emotional detachment and a lack of consistency in saying them. Also, a lack of evidence in our visible world may cause our analytical conscious mind to filter and delete positive affirmations. Yet, if we are able to overcome this challenge and hold the thought in our mind of what we really want irrespective of our current circumstances then our outer world will eventually catch up with our inner world.

To demonstrate the power of positive thinking I’d like to go back to the 2006

Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy. The men’s Alpine skiing downhill race was won by 3 times French champion, Antoine Deneriaz. Deneriaz says,

“Since time that I said myself, “One day you will be World Champion, Olympic Champion.”

But Deneriaz was not expected to win. He had performed no better than sixth in a World Cup race this season. The commentators and many of the other competitors all talked about how tough the course was. The course also was getting progressively more demanding as the day wore on and more and more runs were completed.

Deneriaz was also the last of 30 seeded skiers. None of this deterred Deneriaz. He knew he had a job to complete plus there was champagne waiting for him to drink.

You see Deneriaz had been applying the power of positive thinking to the extent he was so confident he was going to win and become Olympic Champion he bought champagne to celebrate beforehand!

Deneriaz skied beautifully and won emphatically in a time of 1:48.80 stealing what had, until that point, looked like a sure gold medal, from Michael

Walchhofer from Austria (1:49.52). Bruno Kernen of Switzerland was third with a time of 1:49.82.

The top US skier, Bode Miller, said in an interview afterwards,

“The way Deneriaz skied today, he was pretty much untouchable.”

That positive thinking works can be proven scientifically. You, undoubtedly, will have heard of The Science of Getting Rich and The Science of Being Well. It bears well to remember that the Law of Attraction works both ways. Positive thinking is “The Science of Getting What You Want”.

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