Making it Happen: Using the Law of Attraction to Increase Your Income

How would your life change if you had your ideal income? Would you travel the world? Perhaps you would live in a spacious house appointed with all the finest furnishings? Or maybe you are content to live a humble but comfortable life, with enough money to afford and enjoy “just enough” of those things you desire. While this kind of life may seem like a dream world existence, there is a way to earn the kind of income you desire and improve your quality of life: It’s called the law of attraction, and the first step is to identify your target income.

Sometimes a life event will trigger the desire to effect change. A divorce, becoming a single parent, the death of a loved one, or the celebration of a milestone birthday can be the impetus you need to drive your life down a different path. That path can lead to success if you use the law of attraction.

Whether you are a single parent, recently divorced, or simply desire a life change, you can be your own law of attraction coach, by following a simple plan:

Setting this plan in motion is as simple as putting pen to paper. Sit down and make a list of all the attributes of your dream life. Do you aspire to the kind of life in which you can sleep late and spend your days golfing? Do you want to travel around the globe, soaking in exotic cultures? Write down any habit, travel wishes or hobbies your ideal life would include. Then, beside each item, assign an estimated cost per month (or per year) and at the bottom, tally up the amounts. This sum is your target income.

Now that you know how much money you need to generate in a given period (per month or per year, for example), you can begin taking steps to attract that money. It may help to take a few moments to meditate on this idea, on the concept of attracting abundance to your life, whatever abundance means to you. Soon, your mind will enter a more creative mode as thoughts of your daily life as it is now are replaced by what you want your life to be like. Allow your mind to come up with a plan for attracting money. As your thoughts wander, your mind will begin to display creative thought processes from which you can pluck ideas for making money.

The possibilities are endless. Maybe you will have an idea for a product you can create, or perhaps that kernel of a book idea that has been rolling around in your mind will surface again, more fully realized. Or maybe you have a specialized knowledge that you can pass along to others through consulting or by teaching a course. Don’t stop at the first idea; make a mental note of it and keep letting your creative mind explore. You may come up with several good ideas. Once you have allowed your mind to wander, make a list of the ideas you’ve generated.

Now that you have a list, the hard part begins. Take action steps toward your goals. This doesn’t have to require a large commitment of time; it can be just an hour a day. Each day, do something, anything, that will further you along the path to your goal. If you have a product in mind, begin by doing research, for example. Do some extra work to bring in a second income. Once you have reached your goal, do it all over again by bringing in a third income. Eventually, you may have to automate some of your income streams; a process called turnkey operations.

Remember: Procrastination and laziness are poison to the law of attraction. To attract income, you need to be proactive and enthusiastic about your business ideas. The beauty of the law of attraction is that the ideas you generate are attracted to you as a result of the intention you send out into the universe. If you follow each idea, you will soon notice that your target income has become your actual income and you will be able to live the life you once thought impossible!

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