Welcome to the Guide2Secret.com!!!

Believe it or not, you have attracted this page into your life.

I hope that landing on this page helps you in every way and you keep visiting this page to share your experiences of using the secret.

This website is dedicated to people who are determined to use “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” to get a positive change in their life. It would be great, if you have already read the book “The Secret” and watched the movie as well but if not you can just go through the basics sections of this site and be on the same page as others.

When I first came across “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” I was dazed. What really hit me was that I could relate to everything that was said in “The Secret Movie”. Everything that was presented made a lot of sense to me. My life definitely was not in a great shape and I wanted change desperately so i started to implement the teachings of the movie to get a positive change. I also got the book “The Secret” and read it thoroughly to completely understand the Secret.

I had my doubts initially, of whether it would work but then I taught that as it is I had nothing to lose. So I started using the Secret and experimented a great deal to try out different things that I had learned from the Secret. I started with small things and was able to attract them into my life. I noticed one thing that it was easier to attract things that I would believe were achievable and by this I came to a conclusion that it was very important for me to believe.

Faith is the backbone of The Secret. You have to believe and have faith in the secret for it to work. The moment you start believing in the secret and the law of attraction your life will see the positive change you were looking for. With your faith add the power of gratitude and visualization and you will see wonders. You will actually see miracles happen. The magician of your life would be you. Believe me, when you master the law of attraction, you will indeed feel like a magician with the power to attract anything into your life.

This is how I began and it was a bit difficult in the beginning but I enjoyed every bit of my journey. I would be sharing more of my experiences through this blog. I whole heartedly thank Rhonda Byrne for introducing me to “The Secret” and “The Law of attraction”. It has changed the way I lived my life.

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