“Everything Happens For the Best”

As per my blog Using “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” I said that I would be writing more about the proverbs. Today I would be telling you about the 2nd proverb:

“Everything Happens For the Best” – Song by Billie Holiday

To get to know this proverb better, I would like to include a very old story which illustrates this proverb in a very nice way. The story goes as follows;

Once upon a time there lived a great king who’s got a prime minister by his side, a man who was full of wisdom. He, the prime minister, always tried to see the glass half filled – positivity is what fueled him and there was no such word as negativity in his vocabulary. “Everything happens for the best “he used to say all the time. This sometimes irritated the king, for his supposed-to-be-wise friend would say this all the time, even when nothing whatsoever good could be seen around. Yet the king put up with this for prime ministers advices would be quite impressive more often than not.

One day, the great king wanted to go deer hunting, thus a hunting party was organized to be headed by the king and the prime minister. Not too far into the wild, the king and the prime minister separated from the rest of the party chasing a particularly speedy deer. The king attempted several arrows at the deer of which none were successful. Unfortunately, at this moment the minister’s careless handling of the sword accidentally cut king’s finger. Already in an angry state for not being able to hunt down the deer they were chasing, this made the king go mad. However, while apologising for his carelessness, the minister uttered his usual words; “I’m sorry your highness, but perhaps this too happened for the best”. That was it, for the king. There he could not hunt down the deer, and the stupid minister cut his finger, yet he says it happened for the best. The king fired the minister right then and there, sending him back to which the minister merely said; I shall leave you here then, your highness, but I am alright with it for I know that everything happens for the best.

Afterwards, the king continued hunting on his own now that he was separated from his hunting party as well as his faithful minister. However, alone in the forest the king soon lost his tracks and wandered deep into the jungle where he was captured by a group of cannibals. They dragged him into their village and tied to a pole that was erected right at the centre, after which a large cauldron was placed and heated in front of him. This made the king realized what was about to happen; he was going to be sacrificed to the gods, killed that is, and eaten right then and there. But moments before the cannibals were about to strike the first blow, one noticed king’s bleeding finger and the leader was duly informed. A hasty investigation later, it was decided that sacrificing an incomplete gift to the gods might anger them, thus the king was released and made free.

The king could not believe his good fortune, and while he found his way back to the castle he finally realized what his prime minister was saying all these years was perhaps true after all. This made him feel terrible, as he had just fired the man who saved his life, even though he didn’t know this at that time. Upon his return to the castle, the king sent his men all over the country to find and bring back the minister to him. He was brought back to the castle, and the king humbly apologized for his mistakes but to his amazement the prime minister said that king need not apologize to him and that everything happens for the best.

But my faithful friend, I did such a great injustice to you by firing you when you in fact saved my life by cutting my finger even though it was unintentional, said the king.

Perhaps that saved your life, your highness, but I am actually glad that you fired and sent me away when I cut your finger

How so?

Well, if you didn’t fire me, and was with you when you got caught by them, you would have had a cut in your finger but not me!

I hope you liked the story. It is a very old story but it is still relevant in the current scenario.

Source of the story is Everything happens for the good

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