Using “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction”

After reading the Secret, I was so charged up that I wanted to get everything right then and there but I slowly realized that it was not that easy so I read the book ‘The Secret’ and some other books to understand what it all meant. In this article I will discuss the things that I did and that have worked for me to manifest my dreams.

The 3 steps mentioned in the secret are;
1) Ask.
2) Believe &
3) Receive

But there is more to the Secret then these 3 steps. The 3 steps have to accompanied by powerful tools like gratitude and visualization to manifest whatever you are asking for.
First of all let me tell you that it is very easy to use The Secret and the Law of Attraction. Once you read this and believe this, half of your work is done. Free your mind of any doubts of whether this would work or not. Here I would like to share with you the difference between FEAR and FAITH.
FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real whereas,
FAITH stands for Full Assurance in The Heart.
If you have the FAITH in the Secret and the law of attraction it will work for you and if you stick with FEAR, your chances of succeeding goes down drastically.

So the first step towards applying the secret is to believe in the secret and have undying faith in it. Just remember that it works every time and remind this to yourself each and every day.

We have been taught the benefits of positive thinking since childhood, but how many do actually use it. The second most important thing that you need to do is switch to the positive way of life. Now this might be a bit difficult for some of you, but I will help you with some tips here.

Here are some quotes that you need to know by heart, they will keep you positive most of the times.
“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” – American Proverb
“Everything Happens For the Best” – Song by Billie Holiday

The first proverb encourages you to live a fresh and energetic day each and every day. You need to put your past behind and move on. The second emphasizes the fact that whatever happens around you is for the good. I will elaborate on these proverbs in my future blogs till then just take them as the rules of your life. Trust me on this.
The next thing that is “very important” is “GRATITUDE”. Nothing can beat the power of gratitude. Thank god for all the things that you have in life. If you don’t believe in god, do it, if it is still difficult for you, thank anyone who has ever made your life easier. For example an electric bulb, you can either thank god for it or you can thank Thomas Edison. Either ways the important point is that you should be grateful to all the things that you have in your life. The most powerful way to do this is, is to make a list of things that you are grateful for.

The next important thing in your to-do list should be visualization. It is proven scientifically through several researches that if you feel and imagine an event in the mind your body reacts to it, in the exact same manner that it would in case of an actual event. To make it short, if you have been there in mind you will be there in body. Close your eyes every day for around 15 minutes and feel the feelings of having all the things that you want; you will achieve and manifest your goals much faster this way.

These are simple things that you need to follow to get the best results when you apply the secret. When you follow this on a daily basis you will see things automatically falling in place and you would feel like a magician who can summon anything, anytime. Happy manifesting!!!

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  1. Would like to read more on the proverbs

  2. Very nice thought, Puneet! Would like to know more about gratitude and how to practise it, if you could write something about it! 🙂