The True Secret of the Law of Attraction

 Why does it seem that some people use the law of attraction to attract wealth into their lives without even realizing what they are doing, while others don’t seem to have any success using it no matter how hard they try? The answer is maybe the most important secret of the law of attraction. You […] Continue reading →

“Everything Happens For the Best”

 As per my blog Using “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” I said that I would be writing more about the proverbs. Today I would be telling you about the 2nd proverb: “Everything Happens For the Best” – Song by Billie Holiday To get to know this proverb better, I would like to include […] Continue reading →

I am a Magnet to Money

This is a really nice song and video, which helps a lot with visualization, hence I thought it would be great to share it with everyone. The song is “I am a magnet to money”. Listen to this song on a daily basis and you will see the money flowing into your life. It can […] Continue reading →