LOA Guide: 3 Law of Attraction Habits That Changed My Life by Aaron Doughty

This video will show you 3 Habits that you can apply in your life in order to get better results with the law of attraction. Aaron Doughty shares practical ways to go about it and how it’s changed his life.

3 Law of Attraction Habits That Changed My Life

Transcripts of the Video:

This video will show you 3 habits you can apply in your life in order to get better results with the law of attraction. I’m going to share with you practical ways to go about it and how it’s changed my life. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I’m going to be explaining to you some practical processes that you can apply in your own life in order to attract what you want. Now these are like daily habits that you can do. These are ways of optimizing your mind understanding how you can really bring me and your heart into the situation as well so that you’re able to create what you want from a much stronger place. And the first one I have for you is understanding the power of meditation and how if you do that every day that can positively affect you to where resistance is something you’re able to let go of.

So they you’re able to attract what you want. Now this for me was a game changer. And when I began meditating about five or six years ago it changed to just about everything about me because what I realized was that what I could do is shift out of just the ego of just the reactive mind. And I could get to a place of observation now in the place of observation. If I were to ask you right now to just observe the next thoughts that come into your mind what you would find is that you’re much more neutral rather than reacting. And from this place what you can do is imagine yourself and I always use this analogy.

Imagine yourself sitting at a park bench watching people walk by just observe them walk by what you do is you don’t judge them they’re just walking by and you’re just being observant of that they’re not good they’re not bad. It just simply is in the same way you can think of that analogy with the thoughts you have imagined them just going by just allow them to be there. And as you do that you neutralize any negative resistance so many times with the law of attraction people are so focused on what they want but if there is a feeling of resistance there. Because what we want isn’t here already. What ends up happening is we actually block that from our experience because of that feeling that we have now we must link up our feelings to our actions to who we are being and if our feelings are negating the actual experience we won’t actually perceive of what could be right in front of us.

There’s a lot of times that if we simply get in the right state of being. Things will start to happen because we are perceiving it. And that’s because of our state of being. We always get a reflection of who we are being. Now the simple process I’d like to give to you and what I do every single day is the first 10 to 15 to 20 minutes of my day depending on the day it is me simply sitting down and staring at a candle flame. Now the reason I use a candle flame is because I find that if my eyes stare at one single point it’s much easier for me to observe my breath. It’s like the more my mind and my eyes wander the more that my mind follows it and wanders as well.

So what I do is I stir a candle flame and it makes it so much easier for me to actually focus on the present moment. What I do is I did bring the awareness out of my head and into my hands into my heart into my body. It makes me much more present to the moment and then what I do is I observe my breath and I observe my thoughts. Now this has been a game changer for me because I’m immediately able to let go of resistance. I’m able to see whether what I’m intending to create is straight from that ego or whether it’s something that I can really learn to trust the process. You know a lot of the law of attraction too is our ego we think that we know exactly how we want things to manifest in our life.

We think that we have to control every little puzzle piece in every little part of the process. But in reality what’s even more powerful is if we allow ourselves to trust the process. We have a strong vision but we allow ourselves at a greater level to bring through the synchronicities and to bring through the things that could really happen….

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