Success Story: Passed The Qualified Exams With the Law of Attraction!

Today’s LOA Success story is about how the author used the law of attraction to clear a very important qualifying exam that she had to take. She shares how she used tools like positivity, visualization and gratitude to manifest this. Students should surely read this story as it would help them stay positive about their life.

Me and my friend Zoya both were suffering from the same problems and negativity but we still had hope to do something for our parents. After completing our elementary teacher training diploma we started preparing for our TET, Teacher Eligibility Test. It is compulsory to qualify for this exam to get a government job. We both are good in studies but the difficulty level of the exam was high.

During our preparation, I came to know about “The Secret ” and I shared it with Zoya. We both watched that movie together and read stories on this page and we both started using LOA. We regularly visited this page and used to read the experiences of others. We made it a habit to talk with one another about what will we do after qualifying, about a job and our pay scale etc. We both talked in such a way as though we surely were going to qualify. Zoya said that later we will also share our story on this page.

This attitude really helped a lot. We prepared our best keeping in mind the difficulty level. Rather than making a vision board, I made a vision diary. In that diary I listed everything that I wanted along with the wish to qualify for that test.

My exam centre was the same school that I had visualized giving my exam in but the difficulty level of the exam was much more high than our expectations. However, we confidently gave it and both of us had qualified in our first attempt!!!! Yippee!!

It really works and now I am uploading our story. Eagerly waiting to upload another story from my vision diary. Thank you to the Universe, The Secret team and to everyone who has shared their experiences here. You all were our inspiration.

Author: Ardaas from Punjab, India
About the Author: I am a student belonging to a middle class sikh family. I was living a simple life full of negativity but once I learned and started manifesting and visualizing what I really wanted, it drastically changed in my life.


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